Our culture

1. Innovation

We create unique, simple solutions which deal with complex problems, leading to greater return on investment, both internally and externally. Innovation, for us, is Simplexity: making complicated systems easily accessible for users and granting the opportunity to marketing departments to adapt their data as they wish, to cut and edit the content easily and to act on data insights.

2. Equality and diversity

At WakeupData we strive to provide equal opportunities to our employees regardless of gender, creed or sexual orientation. We attract international talent locally to work on global markets. Diversity for us is not a path, but rather the way.

3. Happiness - Work to live

We encourage our employees to enjoy life. At WakeupData we have flex-time and work-from-home policies in order to ensure our employees enjoy a work-life balance.

4. Transparency

Our leadership team communicates, clearly and concisely, how our core business operates. We believe a key element of transparency is based upon our ability to deliver answers to questions raised by our customers and employees.

5. Trust

Our data, processes, policies and relationships with our clients are based on honesty, trust and common understanding.