Why WakeupData?

We are an agile organization that is eager to collaborate and partner with our clients beyond the scope of Software as a service solution.

Out team aims to gain an understanding of pain points that can be resolved through our tools and services.

We differentiate from other companies by having a human approach to business: e-mail, automation, artificial intelligence and other technologies are things that we use to add efficiency.


A personal approach to your data

We offer a user-friendly interface to online stores and media agencies for transferring their correct and up-to-date data to countless platforms, with the help of our customer success managers along the way. Data can be used for maintaining inventories, transferring invoices, using 3rd party tools and a vast range of marketing purposes.

Compared to other feed tool providers, we take a personal approach to each piece of data and deliver it to the right channel in a seamless way, focusing on the rules and best practices in each industry while shaping the content in the best way possible.

We want all our customers data to be secure, which is why we are cloud based, so that all users have a continuous and safe service at all times.

Tailor-made solutions

Our Marketing Suite gives online stores the capabilities to have total control over their product feeds.

It has been designed and built with marketing experts in mind. It allows product feeds to be imported, enriched and optimized, before being exported to the shopping channels of your choice - all with a minimum of fuss.

Read more about our Connect, Expand and Supercharge services.

The Business Suite offers high-performance monitoring and tracking features which perform complex actions simply.

By using Recon and Crawl you can accurately and efficiently keep track of your competitors, match products and stay ahead with new market trends. Use our high-quality cralwer to get hold of any information you need, specifying the path you wish to take and the sties you wish to crawl.

Our Values

We help online businesses automate and optimize their processes through high-quality data integrations, maximizing return on investment without the need for developers.

As a company, we always prioritise innovation, equality, trust and transparency in everything we do.

You can read more about what we do here at WakeupData, as well as our current mission statement, our culture and our visions for the future of our customers and company here.