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Recon allows you to see the real picture and make informed decisions based on your needs: stock information, product specificationsand sales trends.

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You can now get the best out of your up-to-date product information with Recon's immense comparison capabilities. Select your competitors, match items, setup your desired schedule and rule over unlimited amount of product data.

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Competitor monitoring   Track changes   Multiple product matching
Select who you want to monitor and when, we'll do the rest for you!   Choose a category and receive your tailor-made report   Select your competitors and receive multiple matched products
Choose how you want to monitor, we offer an AI integration assistant "Wuddie" who can provide integrations in seconds.   Track changes in price,new and discontinued products andoverall rank against your competitors.   We can match your products to multiple competitor products visually. This lets you filter products through categories, access images, descriptions and prices.
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Starting from €133 / month

We offer a flexible payment system to all our clients. You can choose to pay monthly or receive a 10% discount when you pay annually.

We also believe in the importance of partnerships. Therefore, WakeupData offers service discounts of up to 30% and gives 50% discount for any tech support request to all its partners.Click below to learn more about our special prices, feed evaluation and comparison offers and digital marketing consultation services.

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Kaufmann   iProspect   GrejFreak
44% more revenue   Doubled product listings   Double conversion rates
Connect, Supercharge and Expand dramatically increase sales.   iProspect clients can enrich their feeds and improve visibility with our Marketing Suite.   Connect and Expand boosts impressions for fast growing Danish e-retailer.
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Recon is based on our state-of-the-art web crawler. Crawl, allows you to download all the data you like from any target page and transform it, you can not only grab tags, styles and scripts, you can populate categories.

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