What does the Recon service involve?

Recon is a product that allows you to scout out your competition and gain valuable information by having us gather information on their website and giving you up-to-date statistics on how well you compare to your competition.

What does the Crawl service involve?

WakeupData Crawl allows you to go through a desired website, find and extract information you like while creating new data based on product variants or other available details.

What is the difference between crawl and scrape?

Crawling is essentially what companies such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and others do, gathering any kinds of information regardless of what they are looking for.

Scraping is generally more targeted at certain websites, looking for specific information, e.g. for price comparison, so that the methodology and software are different.

Can I use the platform myself?

At the moment you are supported by our success managers who make any requests you have happen for you.

The plan for the future is to have a fully autonomous and easy-to-use system for you to be able to manage your data feeds yourself with grace, elegance and the ability to make the changes you want whenever you need.

Why is price tracking important?

Price tracking is vital in order for you and your business to become visible and stand out from your competitors.

Not only is a product feed needed for you to advertise on websites such as Google market and Pricerunner but it is also important for your advertisement to be effective, up-to-date and for you to effectively market your products to the customers via optimizing and regularly tracking your feed.

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