Integrate with true potential

The Connect feature allows seamless, affordable and up-to-date integrations for your targeted sales and marketing channels by creating exports in XML, CSV, TSV and TXT formats - with two additional types such as API connectivity.

Import via URL, ftp, Google spreadsheet, Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, Ucommerce, Smartweb, Woocommerce or Website Crawl.

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Don't have a feed? Not a problem. We can simply crawl your website to get all the necessary information and create a product data feed list from scratch. The information can then be cleaned, formatted or transformed for creating a brand new product catalogue.

Use add-ons - Like currency conversion, weather data and's recommendations to improve your feed's performance.

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Import your product feed   Transform your information   Export to any desired channel
Import thousands of products with ease   Filter and transform data while importing   Select your channel and expand in minutes
Whether you want a whole product inventory or a few rows of analytics data, you have countless options.   Add rules and filters for increasing processing speed or easier inventory handling possibilities.   Exporting data takes a few clicks with our smart and high-performance product feed export templates.
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Starting from €66 / month

We offer a flexible payment system to all our clients. You can choose to pay monthly or receive a 10% discount when you pay annually.

We also believe in the importance of partnerships. Therefore, WakeupData offers service discounts of up to 30% and gives 50% discount for any tech support request to all its partners.Click below to learn more about our special prices, feed evaluation and comparison offers and digital marketing consultation services.

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Kaufmann   iProspect   GrejFreak
44% more revenue   Doubled product listings   Double conversion rates
Connect, Supercharge and Expand dramatically increase sales.   iProspect clients can enrich their feeds and improve visibility with our Marketing Suite.   Connect and Expand boosts impressions for fast growing Danish e-retailer.
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Supercharge and Expand

WakeupData's Supercharge can easily enrich your product feed by merging other files or scraping information from your website. For example, we can add GTIN/EAN numbers to your product catalogue.

Would you like to reach to other channels? Create additional product feeds using our Expand solutions and enjoy limitless product exports.

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