Marketing Suite

The professional product feed integration and data management complete solution package for the marketing expert - ranging from webshops to multinational agencies.

Connect - €66 / month

The Connect feature allows seamless, affordable and up-to-date integrations for your targeted sales and marketing channels by creating exports in XML, CSV, TSV and TXT formats - with two additional types such as API connectivity. Our goal is to simplify data management and content creation, anywhere and at any time.

Features Description Notes
Product limit 20.000 products Have more products? Contact us
Available channels You name it Get integrated with your target channel in no time
Setup FREE Essential settings done by our team up to an hour
Got no feed? Use our crawler Get a feed from scratch for +€39 / month

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Supercharge - €39 / month

The Supercharge feature allows you to use our state-of-the-art page scrape tool solution for adding your product data into your feed. You can add additional images, brands, extra product information, stock values and even details about your product variants straight away.

Possibilities Description Notes
Combine and merge files Available in multiple formats Files in FTP folders or on web
Page scrape Available Based on product inventory
Product limit 20.000 products Have more products? Contact us.

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Expand - €20 /month

With the Expand add-on, we can generate your product feeds automatically, using your information and our built-in templates. One click and voila... you are ready to integrate with your target channels and sell more.

Possibilities Description Notes
Product limit Based on your import No limit
Available channels You name it Check some of the most requested channels
Content management Available Transform, filter, categorise and update your data

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Additional fees may apply for additional requirements. For technical support, please write directly to All prices above are VAT excluded.

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