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The Supercharge feature allows you to use our state-of-the-art page scrape tool solution for adding your product data into your feed. You can add additional images, brands, extra product information, stock values and even details about your product variants straight away.

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We want you to be able to add any information to your feed whenever you need, in order to ensure you get the best possible performance.

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Create new data   Combine and merge   Page scrape
Generate content from downloaded data   Merge new information with your feed   Add more information with page-scrape
Our state-of-the-art expression engine lets you add data from product descriptions, calculate discount percentages or cost/sales margins and create custom URLs with tracking.   We also provide a top-of-the-line matching ability with conditional and expression-based matching, invarious formats such as CSV, TSV, XML and JSON.   Add missing information such as product descriptions or additional images. Update price, stock or special numbers like EAN / GTIN / ISBNs or 3rd party IDs in your product catalogue.
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Starting from €39 / month

We offer a flexible payment system to all our clients. You can choose to pay monthly or receive a 10% discount when you pay annually.

We also believe in the importance of partnerships. Therefore, WakeupData offers service discounts of up to 30% and gives 50% discount for any tech support request to all its partners. Click below to learn more about our special prices, feed evaluation and comparison offers and digital marketing consultation services.

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El-Salg   iProspect   GrejFreak
3x less costs   Doubled product listings    Double conversion rates
Connect, Supercharge and Expand dramatically lower costs and increase ROI.   iProspect clients can enrich their feeds and improve visibility with our Marketing Suite.   Connect and Expand boosts impressions for fast growing Danish e-retailer.
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Connect and Expand

WakeupData offers great products for integrating with your favourite channels. Use WakeupData's Connect to import your original product catalogue, filter and transform your data and create a product feed export to any target you like. Click here to Connect now.

Would you like to reach out to other channels? Create additional product feeds using our Expand solutions and enjoy limitless product exports. Click here to learn more.

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