In Partners we trust

We place our partners right at the core of our business model.

Our Partnership Model
When you win, we win

Every agency and every company is different from one another, that's why we customize our partnerships to the needs of your business, including KPIs, goals and budget. We provide you with a toolbox to sell internally and externally.

When you set up a Feed marketing partnership with us you get access to the following benefits:

  • Customized design in pricing. 
  • Tailored strategic design to fit your business model.
  • Our solutions are a cost saver and revenue generator.
  • Strategic use cases
  • Access to beat products, and more. 

Customers who have managed their data feed with WakeupData consistently see an increase in click-through rate (CTR)conversion ratesimpression shareoverall sales and overall revenue.  



Tangible Benefits

Our partners are ambassadors of our products and provide proven results which speak for themselves. Walk the walk with us and benefit from special rates and Customer Success Management.



Industry Experts

We pride ourselves in being Industry leaders in Data Feed Management as we have been working in the field since 2014. Let us help.



From Complexity to Simplexity

Product Feed Marketing goes beyond simply connecting to a channel, through design thinking and strategic planning WakeupData can transform your business by saving you time and resources.


Reduce Cost

WakeupData helps you to save in your digital advertising costs.


Drive Sales

WakeupData helps you drive up to 10x in ROI with a multichannel approach.


Save Time

We save our clients thousands of hours thanks to our AI in our Data Feed Management software.


We offer the most flexible and value-for-money service available among all the leading data feed management solutions. Check out the competitor comparison to see for yourself. The range of tools and solutions which we offer means you don't need to be waiting for IT to sort your product data feeds. We get your products online now. E-commerce businesses need direct access to all their sales channels, and the comprehensive data management system we offer makes that happen. We support agile data by making multi-channel strategies easy to manage and export. 

Developing and adapting

There are millions of users advertising on Google how can your product listings stand out from the crowd? WakeupData is highly focused on delivering the single most cutting-edge product data feed experience possible. From our Expression Engine, which offers over 90 unique functions to fully optimize and transform your data, you can now split test your feeds - to trial alterations or changes over a period of time. This year we have also added currency conversion and weather dataso your clients can target the right audience at the right time. From our platform you can also dynamically transform images to add real-time prices, logos, promotions and features to optimize all your products and create eye-catching ads. We are constantly striving to improve our solutions - with multiple new features and add-ons which are focused on giving clients value.

Proven track record

We have helped hundreds of businesses of all sizes get high-quality, optimized results from managing their data with us. KaufmannSilvanOMD and Iprospect have implemented our strategies to achieve remarkable improvements to their own, or their clients' online sales.

"WakeupData has been instrumental in our efforts to ensure high performance and to increase online revenue from our client’s campaigns. Their technical knowledge of the industry has not only helped us create effective strategies, but has given us solutions that benefit our clients, helping to strengthen our position as a performance marketing agency.”

Ruth Marbæk Barrit, Head of PPC, iProspect

We ensure that we sit down with all our partners and hear their goals, missions and pain points - in order to effectively and accurately manage and optimize their data to receive the best possible results.


With WakeupData your success is our success and we help your business grow. We offer complete flexibility and choice - so it doesn't matter how you choose to import your data, or where you choose to export it to - we make it happen. Choose from hundreds of export channels - marketplaces, social media platforms, comparison sites, re-targeting companies. When your clients are expanding to new channels, markets and countries, your feed management platform should be able to support you and offer you the necessary tools every step of the way - and that's what we do at WakeupData. 

Why Partner with us?

  • Our solutions have been awarded by the National Danish e-commerce organization (FDIH) two years in a row. 
  • Our technology can be used for a large and diverse number of industries. No matter where your client is seating, we can help you to create success for them. 
  • Work more efficiently, save time by letting us do the heavy lifting, save resources as our consultants can partner with your organization to increase revenue for you and your clients.

Simple pricing. Huge possibilities.