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Creating ads for Travel Industry Businesses

Written by Dennis Cassøe, Posted on August 15, 2018
(Last Updated: January 27, 2020)

This is the first in a series on how clients use WakeupData to import and optimize ads for various industries and cases.

In this post, we look at two cases that we have solved multiple times for travel businesses and how we added great value to their digital marketing efforts.

Problem 1: Being able to market the cheapest combination of Flight + Hotel.

A pain that many travel agencies face is being able to market the lowest combination of a trip. This is caused by the fact that the price of the flight and hotel change quite regularly, often daily. As well as for a given flight and hotel there will be many different dates containing different prices.

facebook travel ad trivago

For example, the lowest price for a flight from Hamburg to Mallorca on a given 4* hotel, will change from day to day plus some weeks are just much cheaper to book a trip for this destination.

The solution?

By using the WakeupData platform, we are able to find the lowest price point during the full season of a flight + hotel by going through every single combination in their data.

We then go through them, automatically selecting the lowest priced combination for every flight and hotel.

This will allow the travel company to run their ads on Facebook and affiliate networks with all combinations of cheapest travel, as well as using it on their own site, with the season lowest price, plus being able to directly link to that specific combination


Usually this case requires 10 hours of setup per feed, since it can be a rather complicated setup.

Therefore, the monthly cost usually is around 100 Euros per month per feed we have to do the analysis on.


Problem 2: Being able to market the cheapest price per destination

A similar pain for travel agencies is being able to market the lowest price for getting to a given location like Mallorca. This is also caused by the fact that the price of the flight and all the hotels on that location change quite regularly and there can be thousand of combinations to go through.

blue-ocean-with-sandy-beach_4460x4460The solution?

In the same way as before, through our platform we can easily find the lowest price point during the full season across all flights + hotels for a given location.

This will work in the same way as before, allowing the client to run ads on Facebook and affiliates with their lowest price for a location, and can also be used on their own site, with the season lowest price.

There is an added benefit, which is that for the internal sales teams in the travel agency, they will also have access to the data, and can use this in the dialog they have with clients


This will be the same price as the previous example, unless the agency wishes to do both, in which case, we can reuse the end results from before to filter this list a lot faster.

Want to start implementing some of these changes to your business?

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