Checklist for a high quality data feed - what do you need?

Written by Ben Culpin, Posted on December 10, 2018
(Last Updated: June 08, 2020)


Product data feeds are the foundation of all digital marketing and sales channels. 

Your feed is the basis of all your customer-facing assets, so has a huge say on how many conversions and sales you achieve from your online channels. So, it’s your job as an online store owner to ensure your feed is of the best possible quality

We've produced a short checklist so you can ensure your data feed is of the highest quality:

1. Ensure it is up-to-date

A high-quality data feed is one that is continually updated and adjusted to a number of different factors. This includes stock levels, changes in pricing and regular additions of your new products. 

Competitor monitoring tools allow you to dynamically match your products to those of your competitors and automatically adjust your prices according to changes in their stock and pricing levels. 

How to use the scheduling feature


Take advantage of seasonal promotions and events with offers or discounts and ensure that you are regularly scheduling updates to your feed, while ensuring its' specs remain in-keeping with all your sales channel's requirements. 

2. Meets the channel requirements

When setting up your feed, it's crucial to make sure there are no missing fields which are specifically required by the channel on which you are (hoping to be!) selling. 

WakeupData channel partners-min

If you submit an incomplete feed, you not only run the risk of performing badly and losing revenue but are more likely to get the entire feed rejected. 

Thinking about it from the point of view of the customer, they want as much information as possible on your product before they will commit to making the purchase. Taking the time to fill out the required as well as optional fields like brands, customer ratings, shipping costs, extra images can give significant improvements to feed performance. 

Analyze my feed

3. Contains no irrelevant text

A feed which has inconsistent, irrelevant or unusable data will obviously perform much worse than one that has well-organized, clean and formatted data.


How to use the remove function in our expression engine-1


As with the previous point, leaving messy data in your feed runs the risk of getting rejected from the channel altogether. This means that all your product attributes should be concise and error-free.

Make sure your offer titles don’t contain duplicate words, have no double white spaces and there’s no broken HTML anywhere in the feed - the video above shows how you can easily remove unwanted text via the WakeupData platform.

4. Engaging and eye-catching

Ensuring your data feed adheres to all the above principles should help direct customers your way.

Improving your titles and descriptions by adding relevant keywords, missing product information and effective structuring can see an increase to CTR, conversions and ROI.

Yet one of the most important factors, and the one which is most likely to draw your viewer's attention is the product image. 80% of your Facebook Ad’s real estate is dominated by image so ensuring that it is optimized to be as eye-catching and engaging as possible makes absolute sense (source).  

Image Transformation 2020

Some platforms, such as Facebook, allow you to get really creative. Here you can add extra factors to your images like promotional text, logos, branding, borders and images.

Create these optimized images and then apply them as templates to specific product categories. Try it out for free via the link below or download our FREE Product Feed Audit Guide here.

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