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The Top 5 Product Feed Data Optimization Expressions

Written by Ben Culpin, Posted on July 25, 2018
(Last Updated: January 29, 2021)

We take a look at the top 5 expressions which are most often carried out on the WakeupData platform - and how they can optimize your product feeds.

This post (and accompanying videos) will outline:

  • Why the expressions add value to your product feeds
  • How you can easily use our Expression Engine to set these up for yourself

1. HTML cleaning

Many product feeds which are uploaded to WakeupData's platform often have HTML tags left in their product titles and descriptions, especially when they have come directly from webshop systems.


How to handle HTML code with the expression engine


2. Adding attributes to titles

As we discuss in this video, a simple thing like adding the brand to your product titles can have massive benefits to your overall CTR, ROI and conversions.

There are different techniques for optimizing your product titles depending on the channel you are using, so don't hesitate to get in touch if have questions about getting the perfect results tailored for your product data - and check out how easy it is to add/remove text from your titles:  

WakeupData   How to add attributes to product titles-1


3. Setting up filters

This means you can easily filter out products you wish to include or exclude in your exports, setup uniqueness filters or split big chunks of data. 

When we have clients who are importing large datafeeds with thousands of product listings, it's vital for them to be able to easily and quickly filter out data which they don't want to be included in certain feeds for specific channels.

The video below shows just how easy that process is:  


How to use the filtering feature to increase efficiency-1

4. Adding upper and lower case

It might sound quite straightforward - and that's because it is! However, the results you can get from simply making your product titles, attributes and descriptions make sense and look neater can be significant - so it makes sense to master this simple expression and start seeing improved results.  

WakeupData   Using Expression Engine functions for upper case and lower case functions

5. Categorization

Nearly every channel or marketplace has their own way of dividing products into categories. Often the categories that these channels and marketplaces are using do not correspond to the categories on the shops’ product sites or the categories that a shop system is able to include in a product feed.

With WakeupData NEO we have made it fast and easy to set up any categorization you like – whether it’s for Google Shopping, Coolshop, Pricerunner or any channel of your choice.


How to use the product categorization to increase your CTRs

We hope these tutorials give you an insight into the ease of use and navigability of the WakeupData platform and will keep you updated with new videos to keep giving you great value and start seeing major improvements from a few simple steps.

Get your hands on our free e-book entitled 'WakeupData 101' where we outline exactly how to optimize your data to get the best results in an easy, step-by-step guide.

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