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What is E-commerce Feed Management?

E-commerce feed management is the process of monitoring, organizing and administering product feeds for different sales channels. 

E-commerce merchants who are selling products from their online store, might decide to start selling on online marketplaces like Amazon. Simultaneously, they might also want to start advertising on search engines like Google and running social media ads on platforms like Facebook.

Each of these will have different rules and requirements for how your list of products (e-commerce product feed) should appear. This is where e-commerce feed management platforms can be used to centralize all your feeds and manage the information you are sending to multiple channels from a single place. 

The solution:
Importing and enriching product content through a feed management tool

Using a tool that offers product content optimization software, you can merge together multiple data sources, analyze the quality, structure and standardize your ecommerce data feed content, and export it as a single, high-quality master feed, tailored to your chosen channels.

Gain a consistent, multichannel presence

For an effective e-commerce product feed management strategy, you need to make sure the data you are exporting to various channels is consistent. For example, you don't want to list one set of products on PriceRunner which states one thing, and simultaneously run Google Shopping Product Listing Ads which state something completely different. This is a surefire way to lose any potential sales and negatively impact your brand image. 

What feed management tools give you is the ability to maintain a consistent presence across all your sales channel which continually updates with accurate, up-to-date info on pricing and stock changes across all your ecommerce shopping feeds. Furthermore, you are guaranteeing that the product feeds you are regularly exporting are going to not just meet the requirements of the channel, but be optimized and enriched with extra data to perform as well as it possibly can.

Enrich ecommerce product content with additional info to give your business the vital edge:

Integrate competitor pricing

The benefits of getting an overview of your competitors' pricing are many.

By merging the pricing info into your feed you can match specific products together based on their IDs. You can then adjust your own pricing and marketing strategies accordingly.

Integrate product ratings

Add extra factors to your ecommerce data might be the difference between a customer making a purchase or not.

Merging data that contains product's ratings will boost the chances of shoppers clicking through to your product. 

Integrate recommendations

Using data from analytics tools like Clerk.io or Raptor Smart Advisor can help you identify best sellers and high performers from your online store and therefore divide and categorize your products more strategically. 

Integrate weather data

Adding the weather forecast for the next 7 days to your master feed means you can intelligently push weather-specific products at certain times and in certain regions. 


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Our Solution

We take away the need for manual management of product feeds by scheduling automatic importing,  updating and exporting of all data.
Our Feed Marketing tool Consultants  understand what is needed to improve data quality and achieve the best results for ecommerce product feed campaigns.
With pre-made templates for hundreds of sales and marketing channels, we know how to tailor product feeds to reach wide audiences and perform optimally.

WakeupData supports you every step of the way

After assigning you a designated Customer Success Manager, you will be able to outline your specific industry goals, sales targets and specific painpoints for you or your clients. Our award-winning Feed Marketing platform lets us set up any integration and standardize, enrich and optimize any product content for any channel. 

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