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E-commerce & Digital Marketing Podcast from WakeupData

WakeupData's podcast brings you information, tricks, and more from the world of eCommerce and digital marketing. As a product feed marketing tool, we focus on the latest trends, changes to the industry and valuable insights to help deliver value to anyone responsible for ecommerce campaigns or with an active interest in the world of digital marketing.

Check out our snippet from our interview with chatbot expert Ulf Bach-Vedel below and listen to all episodes via the link:

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We have helped hundreds of customers across a range of industries through enrichment and optimization of their existing setups.

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Our Solution


We take away the need for manual management of product feeds by scheduling automatic importing,  updating and exporting of all data.
Our Data Feed Optimization Consultants  understand what is needed to improve data quality and achieve the best results for ecommerce campaigns.
With pre-made templates for hundreds of sales and marketing channels, we know how to tailor product feeds to reach wide audiences and perform optimally.

WakeupData supports you every step of the way

After assigning you a designated Customer Success Manager, you will be able to outline your specific industry goals, sales targets and specific painpoints for you or your clients.

Our award-winning Feed Marketing platform lets us set up any integration and standardize, enrich and optimize any product content for any channel. 

Want a supportive, customer-oriented tool which can handle millions of your products? Look no further than WakeupData's Feed Marketing Platform.

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