The Goal: Revenue

Kaufmann - a century old fashion retailer from Denmark - uses Google Shopping (Product Listing Ads) for marketing its product catalogue which contains brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger.


They send all their product data to channels like Google using WakeupData's product feed solution, Connect. This helped them achieve remarkably better sale figures - initially 71% more, recently doubled - and allowed them reach their true potential.

That is why WakeupData won the 2nd place in Best Ecommerce Case - Web agency or Supplier category at 2017 FDIH Danish Ecommerce Awards.

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WakeupData - Kaufmann results

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Getting connected to a new channel is easy. Helping you reach your conversion goals - a process not many can handle - is not. We thus assign an integration consultant to you, so they can assist you throughout your journey to success.

As seen by Kaufmann, in many cases, you will first experience an increase in your impressions or impression share. Better, optimised click rates will follow and subsequently, we will be helping you reach your full revenue potential.

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The Keyword: Relevance

With WakeupData, you can enrich, transform, update, combine, evaluate, filter and do so much more with your up-to-date data - anytime you like - until it provides the best results based on search relevance.

You can choose to setup your Google Shopping product feed yourself or ask your integration consultant to do it for you. The setup is free up to an hour and will include important aspects such as basic Google product categorisation.

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Content is king

We are experts at product feeds, but masters in content management. Drop us an email to ask us whether your product feed has the correct product information, for example, titles, descriptions, product types, categories and much more.

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