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WakeupData file import types

So many possibilities

WakeupData can get files from addresses on the web (URLs), fetch them from online folders (FTP servers) or read information from your current website (crawling).

WakeupData formats

Don’t let different formats stop you

WakeupData focuses on saving your time while many of our competitors may leave you hanging when it comes to reading irregular information. We can read XML data including multi-valued files, CDATA and namespaces while auto-correcting certain XML errors. You may additionally choose CSV (comma separated) or TSV (tab separated) file formats for higher tolerance to save your valuable time.

WakeupData transformation

Transform everything

Why bother with things you don’t need? Or wrong information? WakeupData can filter out irrelevant rows, make group-based transformations and manipulate your whole file while removing unwanted errors even before importing your data.

WakeupData enrichment processes

Go enriched!

Rich, up-to-date and reliable content is everything. WakeupData can add information onto your file by scanning additional webpages, appending your file with multiple files (XML, CSV, TSV or a combination) or keep merging multiple data sources to you original file until you are happy with it.

WakeupData content management

Change everything

Would you like to set up new rules? Or change content on-the-go? Use our complex mapping rules for controlling the whole outcome of a product, a field or a data row. For example: "Get all blue products in your list that cost more than $400 and are not shoes… then add 'Great value' in the beginning of all titles."

Express everything

WakeupData’s Expression Engine allows you to combine nearly anything, anyway you want. Updating colours with content from product description? Done! Changing titles according to the date? Done! Over 75 functions are all yours to manage your content like a pro.

WakeupData templates

Get connected in minutes

WakeupData exports your data to any target channel by autofilling required fields with up-to-date information. This is done by a state-of-the-art template system that filters areas that are 'musts', 'shoulds', 'coulds' and 'nice to have'.

Final touches allowed

Filter out anything you like right before you send a file or update the whole thing by setting rules. Enjoy WakeupData's limitless possibilities.

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WakeupData gets 2nd place in 2017 Danish Ecommerce Awards with Kaufmann case.