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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Connect service involve?

Connect is our entry level product. It allows you to import your data feed to our platform and have it set up to be viable for channels such as Google Shopping. There is a standard limit of 20.000 products per import. There is a small fee for products over this amount.It also allows you to have your data feed customized to your needs.

We support a wide range of formats such as .CSV.TSV.XML. We also support other formats such as JSON.

What is a product feed?

A product feed is the list of products that you carry on your site with options or attributes describing them. These attributes contain anything from the color, manufacturer, material and the size of each product.

What if I do not have a feed?

That should not be a problem, we can create one for you by crawling your site to generate the right information for your feed. We use our own software to get the product feed from your website.

Do you offer your services to Global retailers? 

Yes, we offer our services around the globe.
Product Feed Optimisation on Demand

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"Thanks to WakeupData you can basically spend your time optimising in other areas of online marketing, while the feed generates sales and revenue for you."
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We know that time is money, so we have made WakeupData's interface as intuitive as possible, allowing our users to increase their efficiency and manage their product feeds more rapidly and with twice the power than was previously achievable.


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