Image transformation

Any online retailer can now optimize all of their product images using multiple features to increase their CTR, ROI and conversions.

What can Image Transformation do for your digital advertising efforts?

The image transformation feature means you can create engaging and eye-catching ad images in a straightforward and simple way. Our recent benchmarking tell us you can improve Facebook Dynamic Ads performance by up to 45%. 

We offer a user-friendly tool that lets you create and tailor your own image templates that instantly enhance your entire product range. We have made the process efficient: simply set up expressions to include or exclude up to five fields at once, so you can:

  • Highlight your best sellers, add specific brands, include high risers or announce certain sales items to display what you want, when you want it.
  • Attract more awareness and recognition by creating eye-catching ads that stand out visually among your competitors! 

Eye-catching ads in minutes

Your customers appreciate engaging content. No matter where you are reaching out to them: Facebook, Instagram, affiliate marketing - make sure you are using eye-catching ad images!

Apply your optimized image templates to your own online store, emails or newsletters so improve every means of outreach. 


Not sure if Image Transformation will have any effect? Split test the changes across a test and control group to get measurable results.

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