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Turn your own store into a new, high-performing channel with onsite banners from iPaper

Display is an on-site product promotion banner from iPaper, made for eCommerce stores. It's designed to create visually engaging presentations of your products, which encourage shoppers to browse and explore.


Just as with any other ecommerce channel, for Display to be successful, you need a product feed which is fully optimized and regularly updated.


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That's why iPaper and WakeupData have created a plug 'n' play integration which provides an easy means of building these onsite promotion banners with the help of our feed marketing and ecommerce experts, simply by using your existing Shopping feed.

Display campaigns are continually updated with the newest data from your online store, so changes in pricing, stock and promotions need to be reflected instantly without the risk of errors.


In May 2020 we co-hosted a webinar with iPaper which looked at the advantages of implementing Product Discovery solutions for online stores.

You can check out the webinar recording and get access to further resources below:

Watch this Webinar


Display is an on-site product promotion banner made for eCommerce. It's designed to encourage shoppers to browse and explore your products.

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How does WakeupData support iPaper integrations?

By making use of this integration and partnership you can ensure:

  • Your shopping feed is always optimized for for Display, as well as each of your other sales & marketing channels with the correct product info.

  • If your shopping feed is missing required data you can scrape other sites for extra data which can be merged to your own feed (e.g missing GTINs, descriptions, images, urls).

  • Feed Marketing experts can use rules-based filters to include and exclude certain products from your Display feeds (e.g. seasonal promotions, specific brands).

  • Your product images are optimized for specific campaigns (e.g. adding brand colors and promotions, removing backgrounds).

  • Your promotion banners can be adjusted anytime using product performance insights from the WakeupData platform.

Want more info on iPaper Display?

You can book a chat with one of our feed marketing experts who can give you an overview of the iPaper plugin and how it brings multiple benefits to online merchants. 

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