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101 Guide to using Pinterest
as a marketing channel

Find out how to leverage your product catalogs to
drive awareness at every stage of the buyer's journey and
boost eCommerce conversions with Pinterest.

Pinterest Webinar from WakeupData & Web2Media

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In this webinar we discuss:

  • Why retailers should be using Pinterest as a marketing channel in 2020.
  • The range of advertising options for retailers showing their products on Pinterest.
  • A Client Case who has used Pinterest to boost conversions.
  • The importance of high-quality feeds to Pinterest catalogs.

Dan-Vlad Cobasneanu
Product Manager, WakeupData

Frederik Mai
Online Marketing Consultant, Web2Media

Get access to this recording and learn how to make use of Pinterest as a high-performing ecommerce channel:

Pinterest is a social channel that boasts over 2 billion searches every month. Nearly 83% of those using it regularly have made a purchase based on content they saw from brands on Pinterest. That's why we're taking a look at how brands can leverage this popularity to boost awareness across every stage of the funnel and lead to an increase sales.
Together with the Digital Marketing experts from Web2Media, we'll take a look at the demographics and the range of advertising possibilities for displaying your products, before we dive into preparing and optimizing a Pinterest product catalog with WakeupData.




Boost sales | Both online & offline 

Product feed marketing is a method in which a data feed is used to distribute and sync product information from a retailer’s website to multiple online marketing and distribution platforms.




Boost visibility, brand recognition and ecommerce conversions

73% of Pinners say content from brands makes Pinterest more useful. Pinterest ads offer marketers the chance to earn awareness and consideration from Pinterest’s 250 million users early in their consumer journeys.



Feed Marketing consulting 

We help online businesses automate and optimize their processes through high-quality data integrations for channels like Google, maximizing Return On Investment (ROI) without the need for developers.



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"Offering feed management solutions to my clients was an inevitable choice. Running feed management in-house is not an optimal situation for many clients, so I can now offer WakeupData's solutions, and they have the option to decide for themselves."

Anton Hoelstad,
Digital Marketing Consultant,