Get a complete overview of your data
with the Product Feed Analyzer.


We've created the ultimate tool for tackling poor data quality which
many companies have - but often aren't aware of.

Analyze my feed




Simply paste the url of your product feed into the analyzer and get a complete, step-by-step analysis of every aspect of your feed.


Find out where your titles, images, descriptions could be improved or where extra factors like unique IDs or GTIN/EANs could be added to enhance your feed.

We run multiple tests on your product data feed in a matter of seconds, then give a field-by-field overview of where you may be rejection prone, your uniqueness levels or duplicate values.

What's more, based on the results from the Product Feed Analyzer, we offer expert advice on the steps you can take to improve your feed and increase your overall performance. Try it out for yourself via the link below.


Analyze my feed   



Does I need to pay to use the Product Feed Analyzer?

Nope. The tool is completely free of charge for anyone and everyone. All you need to provide is the url of your feed.


Do I need to create an account in order to see the results of my feed analysis?

There is no compulsory sign up and the results of the analysis are provided to any newcomer without having to signup.

Creating an account on will give you access to our expert advice on the actions you can take to improve specific factors within your feed though.


I've received my feedback from the Product Feed Analyzer - what is the next step? 

Now that you've got an insight into where you feed is performing well, where it could be improved and what data might be missing, there are a number of options. 


1. If you want to discuss specific results and ask your own questions, you can book a 15-minute session with our feed management specialist.

2. Alternatively, you may wish to see individual row-by-row details of your feed limitations, in which case you can just drop us a mail to let us know.

3. If you've seen that there are improvements to be made to your feed, check out our feed optimization platform where we offer all the tools to optimize your product data to give the best possible conversions. You can pay the platform a visit below and get your free trial.


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