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Free Data Feed Audit

Find the untapped potential in your Product Data through our free audit.

Sign up here for a free data feed audit.

Acting upon insights of products' performance and adjusting your listings immediately can be the key to driving profit and saving money.

We'll carry out a complete review of your product feed and send you a report which highlights potential issues affecting feed performance.

Furthermore, you'll receive updates on our forthcoming product launch alongside tailored recommendations on how you can optimize your feed to build impressions, clicks and eCommerce conversions.


We also have a PDF Audit Guide if you would like you learn more.  

Your Data Feed Audit includes a thorough assessment of:

  • Product titles - Ensure you have unique, search-relevant titles that meet the channel requirements in terms of length and contents.
  • Product Descriptions - These should be keyword-rich, fully optimized sources of information to convert your audience into buyers.
  • Product Feed Categories - Make sure your feed is detailed and your products are showing up in the right queries at the right time. 
  • Unique IDs - Find out if you have the right GTIN/EANs for all the products in your feed, as these are vital to matching search queries. 
  • Brands - Get insight into whether extra factors like product brand can be added to certain fields in order to add further value.
  • Plus 50+ tests run on the feed to assess overall completeness and quality.
  • Assessment of your inventory against industry benchmarks.
Simply complete the form to get your initial feedback from one of our experts on how to create a high-performing, optimized product feed in minutes. If you're happy with the report and want more info, we can send a more detailed follow-up report, which takes a look at the untapped potential for success in your feed.
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WakeupData Actions uses industry benchmarks, specific channel requirements and years of experience working with hundreds of thousands of product feeds to deliver a complete
audit of your feed.

What's more, we don't just highlight the critical issues, we provide the complete toolkit to fix these issues in-platform and benefit from the resultant increases to feed performance in
impressions and conversions.