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For successful ecommerce campaigns, regular feed analysis and optimization is a necessity.

But how do you get started?
There's is a whole range of factors to take into consideration for a successful feed.


We focus on optimizing:

  • Product titles - Ensure you have unique, search-relevant titles that meet the character limits. You can also learn more about title optimization here
  • Product Descriptions - These should be keyword-rich, fully optimized sources of information to convert your audience into buyers. You can also learn more about how to optimize Google shopping descriptions here
  • Categories - Make sure your products are being displayed for the right search queries at the right time. 
  • Unique IDs - Find out if you have the right GTIN/EANs for all the products in your feed, as these are vital to matching search queries. 
  • Brands - Get insight into whether extra factors like product brand can be added to your titles to add further value.
  • Plus 50+ tests run on the feed to assess overall completeness and quality.

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WakeupData provide a user-friendly and intuitive platform, designed to allow any user to easily manage their feeds, set up data integrations and enrich their product feed data, before exporting to hundreds of global marketing and shopping channels.