New to Data Feed Optimisation?

Let us take you through the process with nine of the most common optimisations to improve your feed performance.

Product Feed Optimisations Guide from WakeupData

The quality of product feeds have a significant impact on sales and marketing channels, so in this short guide we want to share details of optimisation possibilities and real-life cases based on WakeupData’s many years of experience within this industry.

This is designed to help you to prepare for success, so instead of focusing on our platform, we will focus on the actual issues we have solved and the results we have achieved.

Data optimization guide - ebook-preview

In this free guide, you will get:

  • Nine essential techniques to improve your product feed. You can read about more ways to optimize you product feed here
  • Easy-to-follow examples which we've implemented multiple times for clients. You can also read more about our Client Cases here
  • Advice on how Cleaning, Filtering, Populating and Categorizing your feeds helps achieve optimal results.
The visibility of your products, the impressions of your ads and the conversions which you attract are dependent on high-quality product data.

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