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Sell on Amazon

WakeupData feed Marketing Solutions allow you to connect, optimize and enrich your online store products for Amazon

What does Amazon's arrival in Scandinavia mean for retailers and online businesses? 


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The arrival of Amazon in Scandinavia will mean suppliers and businesses across Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland will have access to a new channel, with a vast customer base, paying only per sale of their products. Based on the global exponential growth of Amazon in recent years, this is a trend that web-shop owners will not want to miss out on.  

You can set up a fully optimized, working feed for Amazon in no time at all with WakeupData. We are experts in providing online retailers of all sizes with the capabilities to crawl, clean and bring out the very best in their product data feeds.  

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Why selling on Amazon

  • Amazon has around 184 million visitors a month. That is a lot of potential customers waiting for your product listings and ready to convert into higher sales volumes.
  • Building a high ranking on Amazon through optimization of your feed can see you reaching out to a new audience and, most importantly, building a loyal client base who provide repeat purchase thanks to good service and personalized contact with your customers.
  • The variety and choice of a marketplace, both physical and online, draws in lots of customers. Online marketplaces like Amazon offer customers ease of purchase by carrying out a transaction with just a few clicks. 
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Why WakeupData?

The newly introduced image transformation feature means you can create engaging, compelling and eye-catching ad images in a straightforward and simple way.

We offer a user-friendly tool that lets you create and tailor your own image templates that instantly enhance your entire product range. We have made the process efficient: simply set up expressions to include or exclude up to five fields at once, so you can: Highlight your best sellers, add specific brands, include high risers or announce certain sales items to display what you want, when you want it.

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We offer the most flexible and value-for-money service available among all the leading data feed management solutions. Check out the competitor comparison to see for yourself.

The range of tools and solutions which we offer means you don't need to be waiting for IT to sort your product data feeds. We get your products online now.

E-commerce businesses need direct access to all their sales channels, and the comprehensive data management system we offer makes that happen.

We support agile data by making multi-channel strategies easy to manage and export. 


Developing and adapting

Q: There are millions of users advertising on Amazon,how can your product listings stand out from the crowd?

A: WakeupData is highly focused on delivering the single most cutting-edge product data feed experience possible.

Some examples?

From our Expression Engine, which offers over 90 unique functions to fully optimize and transform your data, you can now split test your feeds - to trial alterations or changes over a period of time.

This year we have also added currency conversion and weather dataso your clients can target the right audience at the right time.

From our platform you can also dynamically transform images to add real-time prices, logos, promotions and features to optimize all your products and create eye-catching ads.

We are constantly striving to improve our solutions - with multiple new features and add-ons which are focused on giving clients value.


Proven track record

We have helped hundreds of businesses of all sizes get high-quality, optimized results from managing their data with us.

KaufmannSilvanOMD and Iprospect have implemented our strategies to achieve remarkable improvements to their own, or their clients' online sales.

We ensure that we sit down with all our clients and hear their goals, missions and pain points - in order to effectively and accurately manage and optimize their data to receive the best possible results.



With WakeupData your success is our success and we help your business grow.

We offer complete flexibility and choice - so it doesn't matter how you choose to import your data, or where you choose to export it to - we make it happen.

Choose from hundreds of export channels - marketplaces, social media platforms, comparison sites, re-targeting companies

When your business is expanding to new channels, markets and countries, your feed management platform should be able to support you and offer you the necessary tools every step of the way - and that's what we do at WakeupData. 


Simple Pricing. Huge possibilities. 



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