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A compilation of cases and industry resources

Kauffman Case 

Kauffman: A historical fashion brand in search of revenue

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iProspect case on managing GTIN/EAN numbers on feeds

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OMD Finland

Ainoa Resolution and how to save time 

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Amazon 101

 Sell more on Amazon with WakeupData

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WakeupData 101

Everything you need to know about WakeupData

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Feed Audit Guide

The ultimate guide to assess your Data Feed.

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Currency & Weather Data

Optimizing your feed beyond normal data

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And how we help them to increase conversions

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WakeupData 101


Product Data Feed Management 101 Now on WakeupData


Data Feed Split Test | A unique feature only available at WakeupData


Data Feed Split Test Now on WakeupData


Complete control over your data

The Service List provides outlines for some of the most common, and often simple, procedures carried out on the platform.

By making use of these service list tutorials you can gain the knowledge of controlling exactly how and when you want your data to appear, depending on the products, audience and channels you are using. 

Find out more including pricing, help videos and further information via the links below:



Divide your products into the right categories.

Nearly every channel or marketplace has their own way of dividing products -find out how you can set this up for your feeds.

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Adding Attributes

Improve your CTR by enriching your information on your titles

Enhancing product titles have given 151% increase in clicks and 28% reduction in CPC - with us the process is simple.

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HTML cleaning

Remove unwanted HTML easily using this product feature.

WakeupData's expression engine lets you easily remove HTML tags from you product feeds. 

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Control over your exports. 

Filter out products you wish to include or exclude in your exports, setup unique filters or split big chunks data

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Price intervals

Divide into price trenches. 

Bid differently on products in different price intervals using WakeupData's rules engine. We transform complexity into simplicity.

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More to follow

We have a battery of new features ready to be released. Add-ons that will bring your products alive, helping  you to sell more.

Check out our blog to stay up-to-date!  

More to follow

Are you looking for a different case? 

We have other use cases based on different industries such as Travel, Apparel, Industrial equipment and more. Get in contact if you want more information.