Download your complete guide to product feeds for free

Our newly-produced user guide is intended as an invaluable handbook on product feeds, including easy-to-act-on insights and tips to get the most out of your data.

It will not only help to familiarize you with the WakeupData interface, but will provide simple, step-by-step examples of how to carry out integrations, optimize your data and gain control over every aspect of your product data feeds. 

By following the steps and recommendations included within the e-book you can learn how to effectively carry out seemingly complex actions with simplicity.

Get to grips with WakeupData NEO 

In April we launched WakeupData NEO, a powerful tool for managing data of all types, created with marketing specialists and webshop owners in mind.

Users of NEO can import, map, optimize and re-structure their own data, exporting it to hundreds of available channels within a simple, intuitive interface. 

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Wakeupdata 101 free download

With a solid understanding of the platform’s usage, the goal of WakeupData 101 is to give you total confidence in having power and control over your data.
You'll discover the steps to carry out:

Importing, mapping, merging, editing, exporting and much more 

What is included in WakeupData 101 - User guide? 


Importing + Exporting your data feeds


Filtering your product data


Using our Expression Engine