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Some of the major channels we work and partner with.

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Can't find the platform of your choice? We can connect you to 50+ channels. Reach out to learn more.  

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Compared to other ecommerce feed tool providers, WakeupData take a personal approach to each piece of data and deliver it to the right channel in a seamless way, using our pre-built templates.

We focus on the rules and best practices in each industry, and shape the content in the most effective and optimized ways possible.


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Our 4 pillars focus on:

  • Saving time. So you can do more in less time.
  • Quality. Our feed management solutions, in combination with our CSS and business intelligence tools will increase your revenue.
  • Competitive price. So you can maximize your ROI on your Ad spend.
  • We care about your business, when you grow, we grow.




Make your products universal

Product Feed Marketing 

Product feed marketing is a method in which a product data feed is used to distribute and sync product information from a retailer’s website to multiple online marketing and distribution platforms.

WakeupData's platform allows anyone to maximize their feed marketing efforts, offering our powerful expression engine and the ability to transform your images. This means you save time and effort while reducing costs and increasing conversions.

Business Intelligence 

Business Intelligence (BI) refers to technologies, applications and practices for the collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of business information.

You can stay in front by monitoring the performance of your products and your competitors' actions. Getting to know your competitors' strengths and weaknesses is the foundation of a good sales and marketing strategy.

Feed Marketing consulting 

With our ecommerce feed tool, we help online businesses automate and optimize their processes through high-quality data integrations, maximizing return on investment without the need for developers.

Our Customer Success team can analyze and develop implementation plans tailored to your business, you tell us what you need, we do the rest. 

Thomas Erlandsen Shopalike

Thomas Erlandsen

Sales & Partner Manager - Shopalike

"WakeupData comes in as an extended arm which can lift up their feeds and improve the marketing possibilities we have with said client."

Jesper Tønder OnlinePartners

Jesper Tønder

Digital Developer - OnlinePartners

"Thanks to WakeupData you can basically spend your time optimising in other areas of online marketing, while the feed generates sales and revenue for you."

Brian Brandt Clickstarter

Brian Brandt

CEO - Clickstarter

"Data Feed Marketing solutions have the ability to take the standard feed, optimise it, fill it with crawled content, often for a very small payment due to the fact they already created the engine."

Joni Helminen OMD Finland

Joni Helminen

Senior Manager- OMD Finland 

"Wakeupdata allows me, a person with no programming background, to build the feed by myself from scratch and customize it as I go, which definitely has the potential to be a big time-saver."

We offer Comparison Shopping Services for Google Shopping.

  • Save between 20-40% in your Google Ad spending
  • At WakeupData we have been industry experts in Product Feed Management Solutions since 2014.
  • Customers who have managed their data feed using WakeupData's software consistently see an increase in click-through rate (CTR), conversion rates, impression share, overall sales and overall revenue.
  • We are experts not only on Google Shopping but in virtually every major shopping channel and marketplace.
  • We offer our CSS solutions in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK, Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Poland.

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WakeupData google CSS
Wakeupdata workplace

Easy to use & intuitive design.

We know that time is money, so we have made WakeupData's new interface as intuitive as possible, allowing our users to increase their efficiency and manage their product feeds more rapidly and with twice the power than was previously achievable. 

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Business Intelligence tools, to hand.

The Business Suite offers products and services built for the marketing professional.

You can accurately and efficiently monitor your competitors, match products and stay ahead with new market trends. Use our crawler to grab any information you need, specifying the path you wish to take and the sites you wish to crawl - you have the control.

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WakeupData business intelligence price tracking
And that’s not all

Product - Connect

Import your product catalogue and integrate to your target channel with a new product feed in no-time.

Add On - Supercharge

Make your product feed shine against your competitors by merging your product feed with other files or adding product data from your website.

Add On - Expand

Reach to countless sales and marketing channels with the right information while benefitting from product feed exports with no limits.

Add On - Weather Data

Use weather data for contextual, real-time marketing and promotions. Ecommerce businesses can take advantage of different weather when they would expect to see increased traffic and sales

Add On - Currency Data

Selling in multiple countries? Not a problem. With our currency conversion you automatically show your product listings in the correct price when selling in any country - without having to make any changes to your website.

Integration with partners

We have multiple integrations with multiple partners, i.e.:, Magento, Shopify, Ucommerce, Woocommerce, so with a few clicks your products can be ready!

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