Facebook Dynamic Ads ebook: Best Practice Guide

Facebook Dynamic Ads provide digital marketers with the means to effectively engage with their target audiences and boost eCommerce revenue.

In this guide we will cover all the steps you need to implement in order to produce an effective and high-quality Facebook Dynamic Ads campaign. 

  • Introduction to Facebook Dynamic Ads.
  • Importing your product feed and setting up your Facebook pixel on your ecommerce store.
  • Establishing your targeting strategy.
  • Structuring your Dynamic Ad campaigns.
  • Best practice and key recommendations.
Connect your product feeds and build effective Dynamic ad campaigns.
Build targeting strategies that attract the right buyers at the right time.

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"Wakeupdata allows me, a person with no programming background, build the feed by myself from scratch and customize it as I go,which definitely has the potential to be a big time-saver."

Joni Helminen Senior Specialist - OMD Finland