Facebook Dynamic Ads

Get hold of our Best Practice Guide on how to use Facebook Dynamic Ads to effectively engage with your target audiences and boost eCommerce revenue.


Chapters within the eBook: 

  • Getting Started - Setting up your Facebook feed: Setting up a product catalog for Facebook can(and should!) be a quick and straightforward process. You can also learn more here.
  • An overview of Facebook Dynamic Ads: Facebook dynamic ads automatically promote products to people who have expressed an interest by visiting your online store or viewing your products elsewhere on the Internet. You can also learn more here
  • Setting up your targeting strategy: Plan who you want to reach out to and how you want to reach them. You can also learn more here
  • Structuring your campaigns: All your campaigns should have a specific goal-based focus.
  • Using Custom Labels: You can use an extra filtering options called Custom Labels. You can also learn more here
  • Best Practices: Get insights into how top brands create effective ads. Get more tips here

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WakeupData provide a user-friendly and intuitive platform, designed to allow any user to easily manage their feeds, set up data integrations and enrich their product feed data, before exporting to hundreds of global marketing and shopping channels.