Stay one step ahead

You can keep in front by monitoring the performance of your products and the competitors' actions. Getting to know your competitors' strengths and weaknesses is the foundation of a good sales and marketing strategy.

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This is why WakeupData offers a range of different tools which let you track content, match products with the help of #AI and receive high-quality data from web crawls... so you can make well-informed, data-driven decisions for your company.

Automate your actions

Use Recon to dive into your competitors' online inventory and make manual or automated marketing decisions. This will allow you to: compare products and prices and filter products based on their performance. Supercharge your Recon integration and manage your prices,upload product data back to your product management system, combine cost, conversion, popularity and otherresources to create a fully automated structure.

#AI is here

Wuddie is our very own artificially intelligent integration assistant. This allows WakeupData to offer an automated product matching service based on text and visual elements.

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Rather than spending hours tracking and matching competitor products, let our cutting edge technology do the hard work for you.

High-end crawling

On the other hand, WakeupData's Crawl allows you to easily populate data by going through products in a category list or values in a product variant page.While using our web crawler, you can exclude undesired pages, expressions or paths. For faster results, you can include the paths you wish to crawl, test the fetched data, edit content and run the crawler straight away.

Crawl is aimmenselyhigh-end, effective and reliable web crawler:Tags, classes, styles, scripts, meta data, descriptions, images... go after anything.You can download the whole data in Excel format or use Expand for creating exports in other versions such as .XML, .CSV or .TSV.


Business Suite

Be onestep ahead in your marketing decisions using WakeupData's business insight solutions. Monitor your competitors activities, match your products with theirs and crawl any website to get hold of any data you are after. Find out more about our Recon and Crawl features now.

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