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WakeupData Connect

Our full strength, versatile feed management tool empowers great marketers to perform even better. Manage and optimise your product data for any sales or marketing channel safe in the knowledge that your channel templates are always up to date. 

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Hundreds of channels

Build your brand by:

  • Expanding to new markets
  • Running effective cross-border strategies
  • Launching new campaigns in new formats and A/B testing results

World-class support

We help you every step of the way:

  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • In-platform chat
  • Detailed Knowledge base

Regular feed updates

Keep your product feed up-to-date automatically:

  • Schedule daily imports
  • Add more frequent updates at high-traffic periods (e.g. Black Friday)
  • Be certain that your feeds will always be 100% accurate

Dashboard overview

Get an instant overview of:

  • All your imports
  • Channel exports for specific feeds
  • Add-ons and analytics data

Optimise in seconds

Use WakeupData's dynamic filtering
and expressions to add value:

  • Enriching product titles
  • Ruling out specific products
  • Merging new sources of data
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Easy connectability

Connect your WakeupData account with:

  • PIM platforms
  • Recommendations data
  • Customer behaviour and analytics
  • Weather data

Get higher quality feeds in minutes

Create dynamic data rules and expressions to optimize and filter your product feeds at scale. Enrich product titles and descriptions with keywords and eye-catching features. Remove unavailable products and non-compliant text from your feed.

Get data from anywhere

Connect your XML, URL, FTP, .csv product feed to WakeupData Connect from any import sources.

Optimise & Automate

Add missing data, replace or combine values, exclude products, add categories and much more.

Sell products anywhere

Export to any channel in no time. Rule out unwanted products. Set up regular updates.

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Digital Marketing Managers

who want to Increase profitability and ROI through their online campaigns and want to take ownership of their feeds.

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Digital Marketing Consultants

who want to save time while optimizing several feeds for multiple channels - for multiple clients.

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E-commerce Managers

looking to increase awareness and sales through multiple affiliate, sales and marketing channels.

Persona 4

eCommerce Marketing Specialists

who want to add extra value to their current setup through data enrichment, transformation and optimisation.

Grow with WakeupData

Our flexible product feed management platform has been specially designed to help eCommerce marketers boost sales with better-performing ads.

We have helped hundreds of customers across a range of industries through enrichment and optimisation of their existing setups.





Benefits of combining WakeupData Actions & Connect


WakeupData Actions is an easy-to-use product performance management tool that offers a completely new level of insights into your product data quality. It gives actionable prioritised suggestions based on our in-depth analysis of which industry-specific product attributes influence product performance across various eCommerce channels.

Combined with WakeupData Connect you can combine actionable insights with advanced transformations and filtering to bring your optimised product data to multiple channels.

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Expert team

"We wanted to partner with an expert team who live and breathe data feed management."
Byron Marr
Head of Paid Media | AIRA UK

Big time-saver

"WakeupData allows me, a person with no programming background, build the feed by myself from scratch."
Joni Helminen
SNR Specialist | OMD Finland