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By using the Google Merchant Center you can attract more potential buyers, reaching out to them with products from your feed while they are actively shopping on Google, YouTube and across the web.

You also have control over how and where your products will appear online, keeping your data feed information updated, so your customers find the relevant, current items they’re looking for. 

With Google you will be able to connect your website or  e-commerce store with shoppers around the globe across 30+ countries.  


Google Shopping


PSPartnerCard@2xPricesearcher is the UK's largest product and price search engine. Their promise to shoppers is that while the average consumer checks 5 different websites before making a purchase, they check over 10,000 websites a day to save you time and money.

No retailer pays to be listed in Pricesearcher and it is their mission to show shoppers all their buying options. They pride themselves on being totally unbiased and believe  that sellers of all sizes should have a platform to display their products to the world with zero barriers to entry. 





Start selling your products via Facebook and gain access to 2 billion monthly users.

With dynamic ads, you can promote relevant items from an entire catalog across any device. Display ads for thousands of items to the right audience and automate the process.

Dynamic ads use your Facebook pixel or SDK to show ads to people who have already shown interest in your business. Reach your audience anytime, anywhere via mobile, desktop and tablets on Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network.





Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer of consumer goods and digital media. 

By selecting them as your feed provider you can reach hundreds of millions of customers with ease.

In the US alone, Amazon boasts over 150 million unique visitors every month and is rapidly becoming the first stop for many shoppers intending to carry out a transaction worldwide.

Using Amazon will help you to boost your product visibility and build sales on a global stage. 

Amazon 101




Pricerunner is Denmark's largest price comparison site and will increase your webshops and / or products online visibility. 

They offer a free consumer service where you can compare prices and products. Their mission is to give the most comprehensive overview of the market so customers can easily find the products they want at the best price. Their goal is to be the obvious choice for anyone who wants to get a good deal online - choose Pricerunner and increase visibility and conversions with ease. 



bingYou probably don't need telling that Google is the most popular search engine worldwide. But the often overlooked Bing is consistently second place in terms of online search volume year-on-year.

And that is not a figure to be sniffed at. At the beginning of 2018 the search engine platform 6 billion monthly searches

So although it may sound like Bing is continually playing second fiddle to Google, there is clearly huge potential for you to begin using Bing Ads. 


       Bing Ads        


FruugoFruugo is a global marketplace where you can shop from many retailers across the world with one single checkout. 
They give the widest possible choice and freedom to shop safely wherever their customers are and wherever they want to access, through a worldwide marketplace currently spanning 23 countries. 

Choosing Fruugo gives you insights into foreign markets, as well as the ability to be paid in your own currency, yet sell in 11 major currencies without any risk.   





Coolshop is Denmark's largest and now one of Europe’s fasting growing online video game and accessories stores. The online platform specializes in delivering entertainment, play, electronic and lifestyle products.

Connecting with CoolShop gives your products access to an growing market, with stores opening recently in Denmark, England, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands and plans to keep on expanding across Europe in the near future. 





Heyloyalty gives you the opportunity to carry out marketing automation using customers' behavior. They provide a tool which, via email and SMS marketing creates loyalty and boosts your conversions.

It enables you to send personalized newsletters and campaigns to members based on their own historic data, analysing what they've clicked on, shown interest in and purchased. 

Use your knowledge to build relation to members and create more and more sales.




kelkooKelkoo helps thousands of online stores in over 19 countries to find new customers. 
They have been helping customers find the best products at the most affordable prices for the past 18 years.

With nearly 80 million offers across 22 countries, Kelkoo are one of the biggest and most trusted price comparison companies in the world. They combine high quality products with the convenience of the Internet: instant results, customer reviews, like-for-like comparisons. 





Shopalike provide their customers with access to retailers across 14 countries. The motto of Shopalike is ‘All shops, one site’, giving their visitors to find products in fashion, furniture and more in one place. 

Products listed originate from more than 3500 online shops, and you can be a part of that too. Honesty, transparency and trust form the basis of all their partnerships. 




RaptorRaptor Services helps webshops, retailers, and content providers to deliver relevant offers and contents to their customers regardless of touchpoints. 

They are an omnichannel market leader, providing its users with behavioural recommendations using advanced algorithms, datamining and machine learning. Customers will increase basket size, and they will return for more as your offers become more relevant. Choosing Raptor will increase customer experience and satisfaction rates across the board. 


  Raptor Services is a Danish internet shop, with over 10 000 product listings making it one of Denmark’s largest e-shops for the sale of electronics and white goods. 

The transition to becoming one of the country’s leading online marketplaces means that Wupti have expanded their product range, allowing customers to choose from a range of products and get the best possible price among multiple sellers. The brand is recognized by 90% of Danish shoppers and continues to set the benchmark for digital user experiences and customer satisfaction. 





clerk works like a digital shopping assistant by helping your customers find their perfect products.

They are able to learn your customers interests by looking at the orders they make and their on-site behavior. This is then used to provide recommendations which help your customers navigate to the exact products they are looking for. By using recommendation in your feed, you can prioritize the important products on sales channels, just as you do on your website.


prisguidenPrisguiden have listed products, compared prices and found the best offers for Norwegian consumers for over 20 years.  

They allow their customers to search and compare prices of more than 4 million items from over 400 stores, and you can be a part of that.

Features like 'price history check' and 'price alert' let your interested consumers monitor your products and make purchases when you lower prices. 




MiintoMiinto lets customers shop directly in Denmark's best fashion stores. They combine the expertise, service and security of physical fashion stores, with the flexibility and accessibility that characterizes online shopping. The selection of men's clothes, women's clothes, children's clothes, sportswear and accessories at is the largest in Scandinavia. By selecting Miinto you will access 1 000 000 customers who visit the site every single month. They offer a springboard to stores seeking to expand, giving the ability to sell to customers which would otherwise never have heard or had access to your unique products.





With a PriceJakt feed you will experience increased visibility, especially in Sweden and the Nordic countries. They are Norway’s largest price and product comparison service, focused on finding the right product for the right consumer, at the right price.

They have over 2 million unique users per month, with 500 000 products listed across 25 000 indexed stores, and a constantly growing customer base.  






Plus many more!

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