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WakeupData webinar schedule 2022

14th September 2022
Hidden Google CSS gems with WakeupData feed experts

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4th May 2022
Drive revenue and reduce costs through feed-based marketing automation

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20th May 2021 
Get ready to drive your
digital retail into the new era
27th April 2021 
What do you need to know
about Local Inventory Ads
14th April 2021 
Google LIA:
Lokale produktannonser
More to be announced
for our 2022 calendar

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Hidden Google CSS gems

for scaling Scandinavian brands, enterprises and agencies - All about the Google CSS ecosystem.

Did you know you could get additional exposure of your existing Google Shopping Ads, pMax and LIA ads by running them through a Google Premium CSS partner?

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Personalized Marketing Automation Webinar

Learn how a Danish retailer has succeeded with their omnichannel efforts when we join marketing automation platform Agillic and web agency Web2Media for a talk about the importance of product feeds in marketing automation and personalization.

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Grow offline sales through Google Local Inventory Ads

Searches for “Available near me” and “Support Local” have grown 100% in the past year. Find out how businesses can leverage this growth in 2021 through Google's Local Inventory Ads to drive in-store foot traffic.

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Google Local Inventory Ads: Vækst via online promovering

I dette Dansk Erhverv Digital Handel webinar med Carsten som vært, skal vores Commercial Manager Steffen og Googles Global Lead of Local Shopping, Chris Lydle, fortælle mere om LIA og hvorfor det er den bedste måde at drive salg i fysiske butikker.

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Using your data to boost sales this Holiday Season

The approaching Q4 winter sales and Holiday season sees a consistent, YoY surge in ecommerce sales. Last year, it accounted for 20% of annual retail sales and it is estimated to reach at least 30% in 2020.

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How your Pinterest catalog can create a rich revenue line 

Together with the Digital Marketing experts from Web2Media, we'll take a look at the demographics and the range of advertising possibilities for displaying your products, before we dive into preparing and optimizing a Pinterest product catalog with WakeupData.

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Create visually engaging onsite product banners with iPaper

iPaper and WakeupData have created a new integration which lets you fully optimize your product feed in-platform, and then use it to create engaging onsite  banners. 

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Transforming Product Images for ecommerce

Social Media ads are paid per. view, and you have on average just 1.6 seconds to get the user’s attention, so the more visibility you can immediately create, the more you will succeed.

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Google Local Inventory Ads

8 out of 10 customers report that they are less likely to go to a store if they can’t view inventory levels online in advance. Combine this with the fact that 33% of all Google searches are location-based and you can start to see the importance of Local Inventory ads.
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Automapping gif

Enhancing and optimizing your digital marketing campaigns using Product Feeds 

Product Manager Dan outlines how you can add value to your online marketing campaigns. Find out how to save time, resources and earn more by learning more about specific strategies to bring your data to life.

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Image Transformation GIF wakeupdata

Optimizing your Product Images to increase ROAS.

Product Manager Dan outlines how you can add value to your ecommerce campaigns by using image optimization. Find out how to save time, resources and earn more by automating the creation of engaging product images.


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