Feed Marketing Resources

A compilation of cases and industry resources, guides, tutorials and much more. 

eBooks & Guides

In this section we outline some of the success stories we have had over the past few years as well as different resources to understand Product Feed Management.

Case Studies

Get true insights into how our feed marketing solutions have helped WakeupData clients in their ecommerce campaigns. From Google Shopping feed optimization to dynamic filtering for multi-channel feeds, we've done it all.

Knowledge Base 

We've produced an in-depth archive of articles for our users to access at any time.

Whether it's in-platform and you need help with an import, or you want to check out the possibilities for cross-border expansion, we've got the articles to help you when you need it.


Get the latest insights and news from the world of ecommerce, product feeds and digital marketing. We've got some high-profile admirers!