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What is Image Transformation?

Image transformation is a tool for adding custom designs and filters to product images, i.e.: Facebook's Dynamic ads. It empowers users to emphasize the visual expression of the ad, creating a greater connection to the viewer via the addition of logos, promotions, company branding and much more.

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What does the tool let you do?

The design is added directly to the product feed, and can therefore take into account the feed's information and be made "intelligent". Not only can we add a border around the picture and a logo in the corner; we can also show:

  • Price
  • Offer price
  • Discount Percentage
  • Savings
  • News
  • The product's brand

... and everything else that appears in the feed - all fully automated.


Why is Image Transformation relevant? 

We have build the most customizable and user-friendly image generator out there. Any online retailer can optimize all of their product images using multiple features to increase their CTR, ROI and conversions.

The Image Transformation feature is flexible, meaning you can apply your customized alterations across all your data feeds, accounts and export channels.

A tailor-made design is an ideal way to take ownership of ads and make them stand out more clearly above the "noise" on Facebook. In addition, it can be used to highlight the brand through the logo and company colors, which captures the user's attention.

This is particularly supported by the fact that this ad format is typically displayed to previous visitors who have a prior knowledge of the brand and therefore a greater chance of recognizing and responding to the brand's ads.

  • Facebook ads are paid per. view, so it's about grabbing every chance to show your value (both directly through sales and indirectly through branding)
  • More and more companies are using custom designs, which means it’s easier to disappear in the crowd if you are competing.
  • You on average 1.6 sec. to get the user’s attention, so the more visibility can immediately create, the more you will succeed.image transformation WUD

Scalable and Flexible

Build your credibility and trust by adding product ratings to your image.

Enrich your image by including key product attributes like logos, prices and sizes. Increase engagement and click through rates by adding eye-catching borders and titles. Enhance communication with promotional messages like “free shipping” “top seller” or “sale”.

You can create and edit your own image templates which can then be applied to enhance your entire product range.

We have made the process as easy as possible, so you can simply set up expressions to include or exclude up to five fields at once.

There are plenty of options when it comes to optimizing product images - that's why we put together this image transformation tool comparison for ecommerce.


What else can Image Transformation be used for?


There can be multiple uses for transforming your product images with WakeupData. Use it for your product listings, affiliate marketing, your own website, newsletters, adding watermarking, plus much more. 

There are others companies who offer the ability to transform images, but we are the only company who lets you simultaneously transform your product feed data as well.

If you want to see for yourself what these new features can do, and the positive changes they could bring for your product data feed's performance, get in touch with us or signup to the platform.


Want to try it out for yourself? You can view WakeupData's Image Transformation Tool here or talk to one of our expert Custom Success team via the link below: 


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