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Stand out from the crowd with engaging ad images

Boost CTR, ROI and conversions with our in-platform Image Transformation tool

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What is Image Transformation?

Image transformation is a tool for adding custom designs and filters to product images, i.e.: Facebook's Dynamic ads. 

It empowers users to emphasize the visual expression of the ad, creating a greater connection to the viewer via the addition of logos, promotions, company branding and much more.


What does the tool let you do?

The design is added directly to the product feed, and can therefore take into account the feed's information and be made "intelligent". Not only can we add a border around the picture and a logo in the corner; we can also show:




Special Offers

Discount Percentage



The Product's Brand

... and everything else that appears in the feed - all fully automated.

Image Transformation 2020 (2)

Client Case

We work with a well-known sports-clothing store, which has been running a custom design campaign on Facebook Dynamic Ads since August 2018, focusing on displaying engaging offerings.

The tailor-made designs they implemented are an ideal way to take ownership of ads and make them stand out more clearly above the "noise" on Facebook.

A simple improvement for example is to display the colors used on the brand’s own website to strengthen the continuity between the ad and the website experience.

anonym screenshot


Why did they implement Image Transformation for Dynamic Ads? 

Facebook ads are pay per view, so it's about grabbing every chance to show your value (both directly through sales and indirectly through branding).

More and more companies are using custom designs, which means it’s easy to disappear in the crowd if you aren't  competing effectively.


You have, on average, 1.6 seconds to get the user’s attention, so the more visibility you can immediately create, the more your ads will succeed.

The value which WakeupData can provide:

August - December 2018 (Compared to previous period)

Increase in Click Through Rate
Increase in ROAS

Compared to entire previous year

Increase in Click Through Rate
Increase in ROAS

These results outline how, in a short time frame, Image Transformation has been able to boost click rates and provide a huge increase in the returns on their advertising spending.

Check out the full Client Case story here.


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