WakeupData Actions

An easy to use Product Performance Management Tool - unlike anything you have seen before. Increase ROI and conversions by optimising your product data with actionable insights.

  • Act on insights to improve product data quality
  • Save on Google and Facebook ad spend
  • Drive quality traffic to your site
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Start improving your product data today
...with value-adding actionable insights

Connect your Google or Facebook product feed to WakeupData Actions.
Get immediate insights into your product listings' quality -with 100+ tests.
3: ACT
Using in-platform tools, you can edit product listings and quickly fix any issues in bulk.
Export your corrected product feed to your channels.

Do you know which products are holding you back - and why?

Pricing errors, fields with missing data or low resolution images can be the difference between a shopper choosing your products vs your competitors'.

WakeupData Actions provides insights and prioritizes your improvements, meaning you save time and will always reach your customers with perfect, efficient eCommerce product ads.

Feed Based Google Text Ads

For some brands it is essential to own more real estate on the search result pages. This is where automated dynamic text ads, based on your product feeds, is a perfect next step. 

Setup thousands of dynamic product text ads through the Google Text Ads feature in WakeupData Actions.

Competitor Monitroing

Competitor Price Monitoring

Monitoring competitor prices can be valuable data to add to your product feed, allowing you to increase/decrease bidding or filter products based on competitors' prices. 

Benefits of combining WakeupData Actions & Connect

WakeupData Actions offers a completely new level of insights into your product data quality - combined with WakeupData Connect you can combine the actionable insights with advanced transformations and filtering to bring your optimised product data to multiple channels. 

WakeupData, with Actions & Connect, is the perfect product feed management platform to take your eCommerce business to new heights. 

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Uncover product insights that drive more revenue and growth