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Take the step to boost
in-store sales with
Google Local Inventory Ads

As Google's only official LIA partner in Scandinavia, right now we are offering free onboarding, support and set up

What are Local Inventory Ads?

  • Local Inventory Ads (LIA) are Google Shopping ads that show for local product searches, appearing at the top of the search results.
  • Potential customers can quickly review local businesses that carry their product.
  • Users that click on your local inventory ad are directed to your Google storefront page
From your storefront, customers can view more info about the specific product and have the option to purchase directly from your website if they can’t make it into your store.
This means your local inventory ads can support both in-store and ecommerce sales.



Be the first mover in your industry to capitalize on the growing potential of local shopping in 2021.
Right now we are offering you free onboarding, setup and support - all free of charge.

12 months free Google LIA listings through WakeupData

Free Onboarding & setup

Free Support

Expert guidance throughout the signup and validation process

The only official Google LIA partner in Scandinavia

LIA needs data, WakeupData are the data experts


12 months commitment to ad spend (Amount negotiable)

Running active campaigns on LIA

Updated in-store data

Operating a Google My Business account

Providing a Google LIA feed which meets requirements

Providing a Google Shopping feed which meets requirements

Simply fill out the interest form below to get started now. 

How to get started

WakeupData takes you by the hand and ensures that the entire onboarding takes place smoothly and efficiently. The only thing required to get started is a "Let's go!" From there we can have you active typically within 2-4 weeks.
Week 1
You say "Let's go!"
Local store data is available and sent to WakeupData (feed provided)
Week 2
Verification by Google
WakeupData indsamler den nødvendige data og sørger for validering med Google
Week 3
Google Accept
Google approves customers and verifies them as LIA customers
Week 4
WakeupData does the rest with implementation and until you are ready for announcement

Channel Info

Which countries are supported by Google Local Inventory Ads?













the UK

the US

How to set up an integration to Google local inventory ads?

Our integration to Local Product Ads is based on a xml file integration with up to 32 points of data on each item send. We can help import your data from URL, ftp, Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, Website crawl and many other ways.

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Wakeupdata allows me, a person with no programming background, to build the feed by myself from scratch and customize it as I go, which definitely has the potential to be a big time-saver.

- Joni Helminen, Senior Specialist, OMD Finland

I would definitely recommend WakeUpData - they are very competent in feed optimization and handling data. We are already using WakeupData's skills to make our feeds and bids more accurate, to increase our CTR and ROAS.

- Hans-Henning Neilsen, E-commerce Manager, Quickparts

We recommend WakeupData to clients who wish to integrate data feeds with different platforms. Their ability to act fast, deliver high-end solutions and provide great support are some of the most important reasons we choose to work with them.

- Ruth Marbæk Barrit, Client Director, Iprospect

WakeupData comes in as an extended arm which can lift up feeds and improve the marketing possibilities we have with said client.

- Thomas Erlandsen, Sales & Partner Manager, Shopalike

1.5 billion Products fetched to the WakeupData platform from client feeds.

1 Dedicated Customer Support Manager on-hand for each and every client.

150+ integrations to varied channels worldwide.

95% 'Likelihood of Recommending our tool' in recent client survey.

Get free LIA setup and onboarding today

Are you going to be at the front of the queue and have one of the first exclusive seats on Google LIA campaigns?

The only thing you have to do is say "Let's go!" - Then we do the rest from setup to implementation.

The places are currently being filled up quickly on our new partnership, so reach out to us as soon as possible


Steffen L. Jørgensen / +45 53 89 60 10

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Mastering Feed Optimization

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