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Last Updated: June 16, 2021


“WakeupData” is an online data integration platformed owned by WakeupData ApS based in Fredensgade 26B, st, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark. In order to make use of the services of WakeupData, you have to agree to the following terms and conditions.


WakeupData is a Software as a Service (SaaS), consisting of WakeupData Connect and WakeupData Actions.
WakeupData Connect is the main product data feed integration solution, connecting data from any source with any sales or marketing channel. On top of WakeupData Connect you can purchase a number of add-ons, such as Image Transformation, Background Removal, Incremental updates of price and stock, Google LIA, Competitor Monitoring service, Website Scrape and Website Crawl (a data download solution). 
Wakeupdata Actions is a unique product performance management platform, providing you with actionable insights on your product data quality. 
Additionally, WakeupData offers consultancy and technical support services for our platform users.

Account Terms

In order to activate your WakeupData account and contract, you are required to provide WakeupData with the following information:

  • Company Name
  • Company registration number
  • Address
  • Billing contact name
  • Billing email
  • Billing phone number
  • Account holder name
  • Account holder email
  • Account holder phone number

Further, you are required to inform WakeupData in case of changes in the above mentioned information in order for us to ensure accurate invoicing and avoid any delayed payments.

When you have sent us the information needed, you will receive an email notification containing the contractual terms of your purchase along with the terms and conditions. To activate your account and thereby be able to use the services provided by WakeupData, you have to give your consent by confirming the email. We will send you your password as soon as you have clicked the ‘Verify’ button, and you will be able to start up.

As a customer with WakeupData, our staff will have to have access to your account for consultancy and technical support. Therefore it is necessary that you agree to allow access to the hub and any of its products and access to your company’s online and offline data sources.

When you do business with us, you have to  agree that you and your company are responsible for all activity concerning the accounts of your company and your “clients”, and of others who have access to these accounts. This means that you are the sole responsible for your clients’ data in your capacity as data controller.

The agreement is  that WakeupData, its hub, products and/or services are not responsible for any additional costs that you may have during integration with external platforms and we cannot guarantee position or placement on the platform chosen.

The hub and any of its products may not be used for illegal purposes or unauthorized operations, and while using it, you have to respect the legislation in your jurisdiction – including but not limited to the copyright legislation.

Renewal, cancellation and discounts

Your agreement is automatically renewed unless otherwise stated under the terms and conditions. The initial commitment for our solutions is 3 months. 

Should you want to cancel or downgrade your contractual or partnership agreement with WakeupData, you are required to provide us with a months’ notice by filling out our cancellation form

That means your one month notice period will begin when the next subscription month starts. So if your current subscription month runs from 6th March to 5th April and you cancel or downgrade on 8th March, your one month notice will start from the 5th April. You will have to pay from 5th March to 5th of May, while still having access to the platform till the last day.

You may choose to cancel your subscription early at your convenience provided that we will not provide any refunds of prepaid fees, and you will promptly pay all unpaid fees due through the end of the subscription period.

You may at any time upgrade from one payment plan to another. Your subscription will be upgraded from the next billing cycle and you will be billed for the remaining of the current billing cycle for the difference of the plan price from the day you upgraded to the new plan.

You may at any time downgrade your plan level prior to the end of your subscription period. Please note however that you will not receive any refunds or credits for payments already due under your current billing cycle.

WakeupData offers service discounts to customers making purchases which exceed certain amounts. Additionally, 5% and 10% service discounts are granted for semi-annual and annual payments.



 Partnership packages may be offered if you choose to commit to a yearly agreement or make an annual payment. WakeupData ApS reserves the right to customize solutions and pricing based on the level of partnership established with the client. In this case WakeupData ApS will consider:
  • Including the client in a partnership program
  • Showcase the client as partner in our website and digital presence
  • Grant access to BETA features, new developed technologies, know-how and data
  • Provide support discounts
In this case, a separate partnership agreement is issued and signed. It is the aim of WakeupData ApS to deliver an integration within five (5) work days. If extra work is needed, the customer in question will get notified before extra cost is billed.


If you are based outside Denmark and require face-to-face meetings, accommodation and travel costs for such an  activity will be charged. More training sessions can be acquired by purchasing  support hours. These additional training sessions can take place by means of:

  • Online meetings and phone calls
  • Online, written or printed materials
  • Videos
  • Face-to-face meetings

Invoicing, Payment, Refunds

If you are a new customer, you may use our service for free during the fixed free trial period, the length of which will be specified on www.wakeupdata.com and updated on occasion. After the free trial period has elapsed you will have to either stop using our service or start paying for your organization under a payment plan. By upgrading to a payment plan, you agree to pay in advance the amount due for each subscription period based on your usage.

Your payment plan will remain in effect until it’s cancelled or terminated. If you don’t pay for your payment plan on time, we will have the right, in our own discretion, to terminate your account with immediate effect.

Upon selection of a payment plan you will provide WakeupData with the necessary payment information, such as your credit card number and billing address. 

If you are paying by credit card, you hereby authorize WakeupData (or a billing agent acting on our behalf) to charge your credit card for all fees payable during the subscription term. We will automatically charge you at the end of each subscription period for the next subscription period. 

You may apply to make payments against invoice instead of credit card, and we might grant you this right in our full discretion. If you pay against invoice, and unless otherwise agreed, we will invoice you at the beginning of the first subscription term and at the beginning of each subsequent billing period. You can choose to receive your invoices either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, and the invoices will be sent to the “Invoice email” provided by your company on the activation form.

The terms of payment are 14 days from the invoice date. If payment is not settled accordingly, WakeupData ApS will send a second notification. If payment is not received within the next 5 working days, the reminder procedure according to Danish Law will be initiated. Once a payment is received and business started, you agree that no refund is possible.

All fees mentioned on our website and including  marketing material are exclusive of all taxes, levies, or duties imposed by tax authorities, and it is your responsibility to take care of this.

Our service price is revised once a year based on the consumer price index.


Copyright and Content Ownership

Our company does not claim property rights concerning the data provided on the website or our application. Your profile and imported data remain yours.

You are not allowed duplicate, copy, reuse, capture screen images and/or record videos of any parts of the platform structure (any file containing .html, .css, .js, etc… programming) and and/or visual design elements without an expressed, written permission from our company.

All material on our website, application and other marketing documents, including all copyrights, trademarks, artwork, images and other elements (collectively, the “content”), are protected by copyrights and other intellectual property rights owned and controlled by us or by other parties that have licensed or otherwise provided their material to our company.

Except as stated in these terms of service, no content may be copied, reproduced, distributed, republished, downloaded, displayed, posted, framed or transmitted in any form or by any means, including, but not limited to, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without a written permission from our company or from the owner of the copyright.

Further, you are not allowed to, without our permission, to "mirror" any content  from the application or WakeupData ApS’ documents on any other server. unauthorized use of our material or our documents may violate the copyright legislation, trademark laws, the laws of privacy and publicity, communication regulations and statutes and so on.

Other Conditions

Technical support is exclusively provided to account holders and take place during  the opening hours of the office as also highlighted on WakeupData ApS website.

It is important that you acknowledge that products and/or services used for competitor tracking and/or data comparison activities may fail as a result of technical difficulties, server issues or any kind of blockage from the target sources and/or websites. In case of a failure that is considered permanent by WakeupData ApS, related service(s) may cease to be provided and therefore no other charge will be made related to that particular service.

You acknowledge that WakeupData ApS does not guarantee that:

  • The application will meet your every specific requirement
  • The application will be uninterrupted, timely, completely secure or error-free
  • The results that may be obtained from the use of the application will be accurate or reliable
  • The quality of  products, services, information or other material purchased or obtained by you through the application will meet your expectations
  • Errors in the application will be corrected immediately

WakeupData ApS is not liable for any loss of revenue, profit, data, goods or technology, nor for any indirect, incidental, consequential, special, exemplary or punitive damage nor for interruption of business, even if the company is advised of the possibility of such damages, for any matter, whether under theory of contract, tort, strict liability or otherwise.

In any case, the maximum liability of WakeupData ApS in connection with your use of the service is limited to the total amount paid by you for your registration for a particular service during the prior twelve (12) month period.

You have to agree that WakeupData ApS has the right to contact your clients if and after they seize to be your customers.

You have to agree to indemnify WakeupData ApS and its personnel, directors, officers, agents, shareholders and representatives from any loss, liability, damage or expense resulting from any third party claim.

You have to agree that any legal conflict between the customer and the company is under the jurisdiction of the courts of Denmark.


Any question about these terms and conditions can be sent to info[a]wakeupdata.com.

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