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A brief story about WakeupData

How everything started

WakeupData ApS is an IT startup from Aarhus, founded in 2014. It was created in order to provide online stores with the maximum amount of high quality data feed integrations for the best value possible. We are based in Denmark, but we have a global soul. Our award winning team consists of eight different nationalities - a mere representation of the international landscape of Aarhus.

While being one of the six finalists at IBM's Business Connect 2015, WakeupData ApS proudly raised just above four million krones for future development efforts from initiatives such as Markedsmodningsfonden, Vækstfonden and the Innovationsfonden.

We are a member of FDIH, the Association of Danish E-commerce, and were subsequently nominated as one of the 'Best E-commerce Tool in Denmark' in both 2018 and 2019.

We are continuously looking to grow our strategic partnership network through marketing & sales channels and agencies.

Our mission

We help online businesses automate and optimize their processes through high-quality data integrations, maximizing return on investment without the need for developers.

Our vision

Our vision is to become the world’s leading platform for online businesses to connect, manage, transform, optimize and enrich ANY dataset.

Our value proposition

We offer a user-friendly interface to online stores and media agencies for transferring their correct and up-to-date data to countless platforms, with the help of our dedicated customer success managers.

Compared to other feed tool providers, we take a personal approach to each piece of data and deliver it to the right channel in a seamless way, focusing on the rules and best practices in each industry while shaping the content in the best way possible.

We want all our customers data to be secure, which is why we are cloud based, so that all users have a continuous and safe service at all times.

Our Why

WakeupData was born to simplify the work of thousands of people, whether you are an online business owner trying to increase your sales, a marketer trying to come up with a new way to market products or a PPC manager trying to help your clients to get the CPC down.

We’ve designed WakeupData to give you back the most precious currency: TIME. That is our North Star.

Our How

WakeupData technology has been developed to be a self-service tool for web shop owners, marketers and PPC managers, with that said, our internal motto is: 'We CARE about your business'.

Our dedicated Customer Success team builds strong relationships to make you and your company more profitable.

Our technology and our team will reduce your costs by advising you on best practices, including out-of-the-box solutions to standard and unforeseen challenges as well as incredibly fast implementations of data feed management solutions, so you can relax and get back precious time and resources.

Our What

We help marketing professionals operating in the commerce industry to organize, optimise and understand their online product data.


We do that, by developing user friendly software solutions, that inspire action and drive massive impact measured in time and cost savings.

After working in the core team that developed Wupti in 2013, Dennis Cassøe our co-founder, realised the need for a tool that could facilitate the integration of e-commerce platforms with EVERY channel.

Dennis felt the struggle of webshop owners and marketers to deliver quality data to each one of the thousands of sales channels, marketplaces and shopping carts in the global market.

Dennis created WakeupData to transform an incredibly complex problem shared by many, into a tool that is simple, easy to use and a fraction of the cost of other solutions and which generates ROI within 14 days.


WakeupData Our Mission & Vision
Our Core Values

Work to live

We encourage our employees to enjoy life.

At WakeupData we have flex-time and work-from-home policies in order to ensure our employees enjoy a work-life balance.


 Transparency and trust

Our leadership team communicates, clearly and concisely, how our core business operates. We believe a key element of transparency is based upon our ability to deliver answers to questions raised by our customers and employees. 

Our data, processes, policies and relationships with our clients are based on honesty, trust and common understanding.


At WakeupData we strive to provide equal opportunities to our employees regardless of gender, creed or sexual orientation.

We attract international talent locally to work on global markets.

Diversity for us is not a path, but rather the way.


We create unique, simple solutions which deal with complex problems, leading to greater return on investment, both internally and externally. Innovation, for us, is Simplexity: making complicated systems easily accessible for users and granting the opportunity to marketing departments to adapt their data as they wish, to cut and edit the content easily and to act on data insights.


Dennis Cassøe

Co-Founder & CEO



Allan Jorgensen




Steffen Langgaard

Business Development



Karl Reynolds

Business Development Manager



Dan Cobasneanu 

Product Manager



Juan Jose Keena 

Chief Executive Officer

Screenshot 2018-09-26 at 09.47.12.png

Ben Culpin 

Content Marketer

lora photo for Website.jpg

Lora Atanasova

Customer Success Manager 

Beniamin Nechita

Beniamin Nechita

Sales Development Specialist



Yossra Benzad

Data Feed Optimization Consultant


Tristan Edwards

Software Engineer

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