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Competitor Price Monitoring

Get one step ahead with WakeupData Actions to outperform your competitors

Competitor Monitroing

Keep an eye on your competitors


Increase your sales growth and maximize your ROI (Return On Investment) by gaining valuable insights into your competitors' pricing strategies and tactics. With our powerful tracking system, you can effortlessly stay updated on how prices evolve over time, ensuring that you never miss a beat.

Take full control of which competitors' product pricing you want to monitor and analyze. Our advanced monitoring tools will provide you with real-time data on how your own product pricing compares, allowing you to identify areas where you can optimize and stay competitive in the market.

Discover which of your products have the most and the least competitive prices, gaining a comprehensive understanding of how they stack up against your competitors. Armed with this knowledge, you can strategically adjust your pricing to attract more customers and increase your sales volume.

Don't let your competitors stay one step ahead. Sign up now and unlock the secrets to increasing your sales growth and maximizing your ROI by uncovering all of your competitor's prices and tactics.

Competitor Price History illustration

How does it work?

Stay competitive by tracking competitor prices with WakeupData Actions Competitor Monitoring. Tell us which products you want to monitor and we make sure you have valuable data to use.

Add competitor links to your products

From your products in WakeupData Actions you can define your competitors one-by-one or in bulk.

Analyze competitor prices & trends


Get an overview of how your products are performing against competitors and discover historical pricing trends.

Act on insights to increase sales

Export the collected data to optimize your prices or share it with your team.
When linked to WakeupData Connect,  competitor pricing info can automatically be used to filter your feeds. That's clever. 

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