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Competitor Monitroing
See how your prices stack up against your competitors' prices in your WakeupData Actions dashboard.

Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

Increase your sales growth & ROI by uncovering your competitor's prices & tactics. See how prices change over time and never miss an update.

Control which competitors' product pricing you want to track and we'll monitor how your product pricing compares. Find out which of your products have the most and least competitive prices and how they stack up against competitors. Learn about your competitors' pricing strategy by viewing price changes over time.
competitor price history

How does it work?

Stay competitive by tracking competitor prices with WakeupData Actions Competitor Monitoring. Tell us which products you want to monitor and we make sure you have valuable data to use.

Add competitor links to your products


From your products in WakeupData Actions you can define your competitors one-by-one or in bulk. 

Analyze competitor prices & trends


Get an overview of how your products are performing against competitors and discover historical pricing trends.

Act on insights to increase sales

Export the collected data to optimize your prices or share it with your team.
When linked to WakeupData Connect,  competitor pricing info can automatically be used to filter your feeds. That's clever. 

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