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If you are looking for  Comparison Shopping Service partner that can save 20-25% on your ads on Google Shopping, for a simple monthly fee, with no hidden charges, you've come to the right place.

We also happen to offer world class product feed optimization for Google Shopping. 



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Comparison Shopping Service - FAQs

What are comparison shopping partners?

Comparison Shopping Partners are certified CSSs that have completed in-depth training to help businesses make the most of Google Shopping Ads. 

WakeupData are a Danish Google CSS Partner, and have been selected for this program due to the team’s in-depth knowledge of technical setups and product feed campaign management.

Our CSS Services are new helping clients in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Austria and the UK.


As a Comparison Shopping Partner, WakeupData is uniquely placed to help agencies save on Google Shopping, by optimizing campaigns using powerful data feed management and optimization strategies to ensure maximum ROI.


How does the CSS work?

Google has confirmed that running Shopping activity via a CSS is 20% cheaper than running it through Google Shopping.


For example, a €1 bid through a CSS is worth €1 in the auction, whilst a €1 bid through Google Shopping may only be worth 80 cents. In theory, you could reduce your CPC’s by 20% and still achieve the same share of a search in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)


For shoppers searching for your products, Google Shopping ads run through the CSS work in mostly the same way as usual. However, if a user clicks on the WakeupData part of the ad, they will be taken to the CSS website with the search term they used already populated. A click anywhere else on the ad will direct them straight to the product page of your website.



Why should I join WakeupData's CSS network?

As a Google Certified Comparison Shopping Service, WakeupData is uniquely placed to help agencies throughout Europe, by optimizing campaigns using powerful data feed management and optimization strategies to ensure you save on Google shopping and have maximum ROI.


What is a product feed?

A product feed is the list of products that you carry on your site with options or attributes describing them. These attributes contain anything from the color, manufacturer, material and the size of each product.


What if I do not have a feed?

That should not be a problem, we can create one for you by crawling your site to generate the right information for your feed. We use our own software to get the product feed from your website. 


How much does it cost to be part of your CSS?

We understand everyone has a different Google Shopping Ads-spend, therefore we have decided to ensure our pricing is tailored to each client.

Our pricing model is based on a monthly fixed fee, ensuring you save time and that there are no hidden fees appear on your invoice every month. Contact us today to so we can give you a  quote.

Agencies Benefits
Retailers Benefits
  • Between 20-25% savings on Google Shopping Ads. 
  • We are experts in Feed Marketing solutions, a discipline that has gained momentum since the early 2010s. WakeupData can help your organization to save money, resources and increase profitability for you and your customers.
  • Every snowflake is different. Every agency and every company is different from one another, that's why we customize our partnerships to the needs of your business, including KPIs, goals and budget. 

  • Your success is our success, so we provide you with a toolbox to sell internally and externally. Our Feed Marketing solutions are the cost saver and revenue generator. Onboarding, access to specific use cases and consulting are some of the benefits of our partnership. 
  • Customers who have managed their data feed with WakeupData consistently see an increase in click-through rate (CTR)conversion ratesimpression shareoverall sales and overall revenue. We work hard so you work less! 
  • Between 20-25% savings on Google Shopping Ads. 
  • Benefit from our Partners Network.
  • Product feed optimization has proven to increase impressions, clicks and conversions. Hundreds of our clients are witness to how successful product feed management can increase results.
  • We remove the need to have a developer working on product feeds. Our platform allow marketers to improve data feed management without relying on coding. 
  • Our Customer Success Team can take care of any product feed task on your behalf. 
  • Our product feed optimization solutions are only part of the core of technology behind the system. We use a state of the art Scrape and Crawl and keep innovating on a field that up to recently, was unknown. 
  • WakeupData will empower your products on other e-commerce channels as well as Google, such as Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Fruugo and all leading affiliate networks.


Some of our Partners

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We'll set you up for success in 6 easy steps.

  • We'll evaluate your current needs based on your requirements.
  • Upon agreement, we'll associate your Google merchant center with our Google Comparison Shopping Service merchant center.
  • We'll publish your products to WakeupData's comparison shopping site, using your feed
  • We'll launch a test with a sample of your campaigns and measure the performance uplift.
  • We assist you in opting the rest of your campaigns into the Comparison Shopping ad format.
Your adverts now appear in Google Shopping with the message ‘ads by Bestpricesession', our Google Comparison Shopping Service.

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We can help you to improve your CRT, Conversion rate and Revenue through product feed optimization!