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We've put together ebooks, guides and audits to help you optimize, improve and understand product feed management and ecommerce.
Facebook Ads Success in the Nordics

Facebook Ads Success in the Nordics 

Set up with ease, engage with captivating video ads, and tailor your campaigns like never before. 

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7 Essential Product Feed Types of Google Shopping

Stop guessing and start mastering. Google Shopping is a beast, but with the right tools and tips, you can tame it and have it help you reach your sales goals.

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Google Performance Max Ebook

Everything you need to know about Google's Performance Max and product feed management.

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Nordic eCommerce Guide

Unlock the potential of the booming Nordic eCommerce market with our comprehensive guide. Download now and gain actionable insights to elevate your eCommerce success!

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Google Local Inventory Ads 

Google local inventory ads (LIAs) are an effective marketing tool, designed to help brick-and-mortar businesses to connect online shoppers with physical product offers available in-store.

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Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook Dynamic Ads

Set up, optimise and enrich your Facebook Dynamic Ad campaigns with this free eBook.

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Product Feed Optimization

The 9 Most Common Product Feed Optimisations

Product feeds are vital to eCommerce success. Check out our most common optimisations.

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Product Feed Audit Guide (ebook)

Product Feed Audit Guide

The ultimate guide to assess how to optimise your Product Feed for Google Shopping.

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We've put together ebooks, guides and audits to help you optimize, improve and understand product feed management and ecommerce.
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Why hundreds of customers love WakeupData


“..seamless support from the WakeupData team has not just simplified the technicalities of the product feed setup, but also enabled us to simply do more as well as improve performance across marketing channels..”

Carolin Dalsgaard,
Global Paid Media Manager



“I would recommend WakeupData for two reasons, one is a close collaboration with the Customer Service Team, and the other is the clear improvement we see in eCommerce marketing performance for our clients.”

Rasmus Frølund Thomsen,
CTO & Founding Partner



“The biggest benefit for our clients' performance is, when using WakeupData, we are able to create super optimised feeds, that fits the specifications of the individual sales channels.”

Thomas Overgaard
Consultant & Feed Specialist



“On the platforms where we have used WakeupData, we have seen a year-on-year doubling in turnover for the last 4 years

Kasper Kjærgaard Nielsen,
Head of Ecommerce



We would recommend using WakeupData for any e-commerce business that needs help with feed management and scaling to new markets and marketing channels.
This tool allow us to make quick changes to our product feeds and improve performance on our marketing channels like Google, Facebook and price comparison sites.”

Svetislava Nenadić,
Performance Executive

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“WakeupData’s feed transformation solution allowed us to transform the client’s feed into not only a usable format for us that we can use to fetch data into our dynamic banners, but to also filter out models and information from the feed we didn’t want there.”

Joni Helminen,
Senior Manager

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“Among many amazing features in the WakeupData platform, the number one strength is definitely the awesome, knowledgeable team who helps us do everything we can think of in terms of ads/feed setup. I couldn’t be happier with our choice of feed management platform.”

Aske Nielsen,
Ecommerce Manager

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“When it comes to data feed management assistance and top-tier customer service, WakeupData is the go-to choice for agencies and e-commerce businesses seeking to elevate their product data game.
With their support, you can fine-tune your product titles and unlock a host of advanced features that give you the power to enrich your product information by tapping into previously untapped data sources

Niklas Normann,
Head of SEM & Programmatic

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At WakeupData, we've experienced a team that genuinely values our input and is always open to exploring new features.

By using their tools, we've optimized our clients' feeds, enhanced campaign performance, and significantly increased their ROI. This collaborative partnership, combined with the platform's user-friendly interface and automation features, has made WakeUpData a vital tool for both us and our clients."

Kim Jørgensen,