What is a product feed?

A product feed is the list of products that you carry on your site with options or attributes describing them. These attributes contain anything from the color, manufacturer, material and the size of each product.

What is the difference between WakeupData and other feed tools or providers?

WakeupData offers a graceful simplicity in otherwise complex areas. We have a different approach to handling data, focusing on delivering quality over quantity, understanding our customer’s goals and assisting them on their journey to success.

Compared to other feed tool providers, we take a personal approach to each piece of data and deliver it to the right channel in a seamless way, focusing on the best practices in each industry and shaping the content in the best way possible.

We believe we are the data integration tool that will not only help you sell more, but will also focus on making sense of your data and bringing it to life. WakeupData is a trustworthy partner that will help you stand out on any desired channel.

What if I do not have a feed?

That should not be a problem, we can create one for you by crawling your site to generate the right information for your feed. We use our own software to get the product feed from your website.

What does the Connect service involve?

Connect is our entry level product. It allows you to import your data feed to our platform and have it set up to be viable for websites such as Google Shopping. There is a standard limit of 20.000 products per import. There is a small fee for products over this amount.It also allows you to have your data feed customized to your needs.

We support a wide range of formats such as .CSV, .TSV, .XML. We also support other formats such as JSON.

What does the Supercharge service involve?

Supercharge is our state-of-the-art data enrichment product for adding more data to your feed. Add additional images, brands, extra product information, stock values and even details about your product variants straight from your website.

The service also allows you to merge your desired data for easier marketing purposes, insert any missing data and add it to your current feed.

What does your Expand product involve?

Expand is our add-on service that allows you to advertise and push your products onto more channels
than just your connect service. It also allows further customization of your feed for these channels.

If you want to submit to a channel that is not stated on our website we would be happy to help, simply get in touch and let us know which channel it is that you want to get listed.

How often do feeds update and how much time is required?

It depends entirely on the schedule we agree upon to fetch your data. The standard schedule is once per day every night, but we are very flexible.

Do you offer your services to Global retailers? 

Yes, we offer our services around the globe

Do clients pay monthly fees or software that they have to buy? 

WakeupData operate on a SaaS basis, where you pay an amount per month for the use of our services.
If you at any point no longer want to use us or our services you have by befault an opt-out period of 3 months.

What are the benefits of becoming a partner agency?

We believe in partnerships. Therefore, WakeupData offers service discounts of up to 30% and gives 50% discount for any tech support request to all its partners.

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