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Dynamic Text Ads

Save time with dynamic feed based text ads


Maximize your Google Advertising budget with feed-driven text ads

Create Google Text Ads based on your Google Shopping feed or by linking WakeupData Connect and Actions to base them on any data source.

How is this better than regular Google Text Ads?

Dynamically generated Google Text Ads, in WakeupData Actions, based on your product data feed, will save you days or even weeks of work.

Expect the following approximate time savings managing your eCommerce Google Text Ads:
eCommerce business: 45-55%
eCommerce agency: 75-85%

After the initial setup, your ads will automatically be updated to ensure you only show ads on Google, that are in stock and with the correct price (if you choose to display their prices).

This is particularly helpful when new products and/or product categories are added or removed. 

This level of data accuracy is impossible to achieve without an automated system like Google Text Ads in WakeupData Actions.

Automation is key to manage Text Ads for thousands of products and hundreds or even thousands of products categories.

Scalable Feed Based Google Text Ads


For a small eCommerce setup it may be possible to create and maintain a few Google Text Ads. However, when you are a growing business or if you are already an enterprise level eCommerce business you simply cannot afford to spend the time maintaining text ads for thousands of products.

With automated rules and transformations, managed in WakeupData Connect, your campaigns will automatically include ads for valid products when they are added to your feed.

Automation and scalability becomes extra important when you start expanding to new product categories and/or markets - potentially multiplying your setup.

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Connect your Google Ads Account


When connecting WakeupData Actions to your Google Ads account you will be able to create and maintain Google Ads campaigns, ad groups, text ads and keywords. For each product you will be able to create both ETA and RSA ads as well as, as many keywords (both negative and positive) as needed.

The only personal data we ever touch, is your email, which will never be shared, learn more in our privacy policy.

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Already using WakeupData Actions? 
Here is how you get started with Text Ads in Actions. 
In this knowledge base article we will go through every step from the initial connection to Google Ads, to the actual management of product ads and keywords

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