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We offer plans for all Brands, Enterprises and Agencies. Our pricing is based on SKU count and you only pay for the features/solutions you use - build a plan that fits YOUR needs with our transparent pricing.

There are no hidden fees and we never ask for a revenue share.

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With WakeupData you will:

  • Master omnichannel product listings.
  • Boost sales using your product feeds.
  • Efficiently grow in new markets.
  • Optimize your feed quality to improve results.
  • Improve PPC performance and boost the ROI of all your eCommerce campaigns.
  • Get an audit of your existing product feed.
"On platforms where RAINS are using WakeupData we have doubled turnover YOY, 4 years in a row."
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Kasper Kjærgaard Nielsen
Head of Ecommerce, RAINS

Who needs a feed management tool?

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Digital Marketing Managers 
 who want to Increase profitability and ROI through their online campaigns and want to take ownership of their feeds.
Persona 2
Digital Marketing Consultants 
 who want to save time while optimizing several feeds for multiple channels - for multiple clients.
Persona 3
E-commerce Managers 
 looking to increase awareness and sales through multiple affiliate, sales and marketing channels.
Persona 4
eCommerce Marketing Specialist
 who wants to add extra value to their current setup through data enrichment, transformation and optimisation.

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