What is an ASIN?

(Amazon Standard Identification Number)

It is a 10-character unique identifier assigned by and its partners for product identification within the Amazon organization.

When do you use ASINs?

For ecommerce businesses, each and every product sold on Amazon will need to have a unique ASIN assigned to it before it can be listed on the site.

It may be possible to convert an ASIN to obtain a corresponding EAN code - used by ecommerce channels like Google Shopping. You can view the specific ASIN of products by looking at the URL of a product detail page on Amazon's website (explained in further detail below).

When do you use ASINs-min

ASIN requirements for an Amazon product feed

match it to the existing ASIN-min

To sell a product which is already available in the Amazon catalog, you'll simply need to match it to the existing ASIN by creating an offer in your Amazon Seller Account. However, if your product is not in the Amazon catalog, you'll need to create a single new ASIN for the product.

Please note, Amazon have a number of restrictions for merchants who are creating new ASINs:

  • Amazon may limit the number of new listings that you may create depending on your sales history, listing creation history, and other factors.
  • You may not create a new ASIN for a product that already exists in Amazon’s catalog.

More info on Amazon's ASIN creation policy.

How to find your ASINs?

You can locate an Amazon ASIN for your product in a few different places: product web address, product details, or certain tools for looking up ASINs.

The fastest way is to look in your browser’s address bar for the product you’re looking to sell. You can find an ASIN using the search box or from the 'Add a product' page in your Amazon Seller Central account. Search by product name, model, UPC, or EAN.  The Amazon ASIN will be after the product’s name and “dp”. 
You can also find the ASIN is in the product details on, under the 'Additional Information' section

What if you don't have your products' ASINs?

The process of having to manually look up ASINs for thousands of inventory products in bulk is one you want to avoid if at all possible. Instead, you can use an online too to do a bulk upload of your product identifiers that returns each ASIN number.

There are several tools available for finding ASINs for your products. With our tool you simply provide the product’s name, model, UPC, or EAN and we'll get hold of the ASIN for you. WakeupData offer an on-demand web-crawl tool which lets you extract valuable information like this (as well as tags, images, metadata, etc), from across the web - crawling manufacturer sites and databases.

Creating new ASINs: Using GTINs, ISBNS, and EANs

As mentioned above, the situation may arise where you need to create a new ASIN for an item which is new to Amazon. Once you've created this new ASIN, any other sellers will be free to use it from then onwards. 

add a product

Amazon have created a tool for this, called the "Add a Product" tool (pictured above). Here you'll need to provide the existing Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN) of your product.

They can then use this to create the unique ASIN codes for your products.

Limit on the number of new ASINs created

As mentioned above, Amazon has placed a limit on the number of new ASINs sellers can create. This is based on factors like your listing creation history and sales history, but the more your sales as an Amazon merchant increase, the more new ASINs you will be able to create. 

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