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Selling on Amazon 101 Guide

There are hundreds of online sales channels for shoppers to choose, from Google Shopping and Facebook to eBay and PriceRunner. So why are so many choosing to Sell on Amazon? Get the full story:

  • Why sell on Amazon?
  • Set up your account and list products
  • Out-performing your competitors on Amazon.
  • Mistakes to avoid when selling on Amazon.
  • Pricing, order management and feed optimization.


Chapters within the eBook:

  • Why Sell On Amazon? - Increase your sales from a high traffic channel, Gain new customers, . People prefer shopping on marketplaces
  • Setting Up Your Amazon Feed - Start-up, Product Creation, Exporting to Amazon, Customer Service Requirements. You can also learn more about Amazon Feed Management here
  • Optimizing Your Amazon Product Titles - Amazon specifications. You can also learn more about title optimization here
  • Optimizing Your Amazon Product Images - Why spend time on implementing quality product images? 
  • Optimizing Your Amazon Product Descriptions - Why are product descriptions important? 
  • Pricing And Order Management - Perform competitor pricing analysis
  • When Should You Start Selling?
  • Mistakes To Avoid When Selling On Amazon
  • Best Practices When Selling On Amazon

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