Selling on Amazon 101

There are hundreds of online sales channels for shoppers to choose, from Google and Facebook to PriceRunner. 

So why should you sell on Amazon?

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  • Why should you choose Amazon?
  • How can you get your products connected?
  • What to do to ensure you consistently rank highest.
  • Mistakes to avoid when selling on Amazon.
  • Pricing, order management and optimization.
Find out how to easily connect your product feed and start selling.
Personalize and optimize your listings with expert advice.

If you are looking to get more sales on the world’s largest online retailer, which boasts a wide range of products, prioritisation of customer experience and massive year-on-year growth, then look no further!
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Getting started

Get the complete run through of getting from A to Z when it comes to creating your product data, setting up a seller account, fulfilling channel requirements and importing your data feed to Amazon.

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Professional advice

Receive recommendations from experienced users who have been there and done that when it comes to Amazon.

We tell you how best to optimize your product titles, descriptions and images to get the highest rankings and best results.

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Best practices and mistakes to avoid

Find out what steps to take to make your Amazon product listings stand out from the rest of your competitors.

Hear the common mistakes new sellers make and how to easily avoid them, plus advice and statistics on pricing your products. 

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