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Recommendations Data For Your Feeds Through Integrations

Written by Admin, Posted on June 19, 2018
(Last Updated: April 06, 2020)

WakeupData's newest update, Version 2.0.2, is out now and the biggest changes see the introduction of crawling available for all NEO users to carry out themselves, and the ability to perform integrations directly with to benefit from recommendation data.

Read on to get the full details and find out what these changes mean for WakeupData users.

What do do and how does the new feature work? works like a digital shopping assistant by helping your customers find their perfect products.

They are able to learn your customers interests by looking at the orders they make and their on-site behaviour. logo


The data that they gather is then used to provide recommendations which help your customers navigate to the exact products they are looking for.


By using Clerk's recommendations in your feed, you can prioritize the important products on sales channels, just as you do on your website.


The personalization that they offer has proven time and time again to provide a better online shopping experience and drive more sales.

By implementing Clerk's recommendations in your product feeds, all of your customers can be guided to the exact products they are looking for, boosting your order value and profit margins by displaying product recommendations to each browsing customer. 

When using the WakeupData platform to carry out your integration, the data you get back from Clerk will include all of your product ids, the recommendation score from plus a recommendation grouping in the following way:


  • The top 1% products:  1
  • Those between top 1% - 2% products:  2
  • Those between top 2% - 3% products:  3
  • Those between top 4% - 10% products:  4
  • Those between top 11% - 25% products:  5
  • Those between top 26% - 50% products:  6
  • Those below top 50% products:  7 

Getting started


  1. If you are a user of Clerk, you can get recommendation data on top of the feed in a few minutes.
    To setup a integration you first need an Api key which you simply copy/paste into our interface, WakeupData NEO
  2. When mapping, we have specific fields for recommendation under “Module - Other: Recommendation intervals, product id or score”.
  3. When you get to the merging step, remember to merge the ids from, that fit with the product ids already stored. Usually this involves merging the unique id with recommended product id.
  4. After that, all that is needed is to re-import your products in the import overview.


We also have a video for all WakeupData and users, showing exactly how you can implement these steps and receive recommendations across your sales channels. 

WakeupData  now integrates with

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Website crawl now accessible for all WakeupData users


The other major introduction from 2.0.2 sees every user of the WakeupData platform now able to use the website crawl feature without the need for our support team to carry out the action for you.

This means you can generate a feed for cases where you do not have an existing datafeed to work with, or the feed is incomplete.

You can specify which aspect of a website you wish to download data from to extract tags, classes, styles, scripts, meta data, images, etc. 

To crawl and get information out of a website in a structured way can take a bit of effort to learn so our dedicated support team will be there to help. 

For more information about the and crawling updates introduced by 2.0.2 please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via the link below or downland our FREE Product Feed Audit Guide here. 

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