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WakeupData| Your Feed Marketing Platform

Written by Ben Culpin, Posted on April 9, 2018
(Last Updated: June 09, 2020)

The WakeupData platform brings focus to providing you with a greater understanding of your data integrations to give control and understanding over all your data. 

Importing flow

Based on our dialogue with clients and with our keyword ‘simplexity’ as the driving force, we made the importing flow much simpler and more intuitive – emphasizing usability by increasing the prominence of the most implemented functions while minimizing those which were used less frequently.

For example, the import screen (below) now features an easy means of navigating and reading about each product feed type, as well as prominent tabs at the top, which allow you to filter by type depending on your product feed. This structure and increased focus on flow means that you can carry out imports in less time and with far greater control over what you want to achieve and how you want to do it.


Data merging

We have also changed our merging abilities, now making it easier than ever for anyone, no matter their previous experience, to merge new information to their current feed. 

WakeupData still offer the most advanced merging mechanics of any other data feed management tool solution, and are the only to enable the user to have total control over their data when merging and mapping.

With NEO, you still have the ability to merge with other files or add data from your website, as well as conditional and expression-based matching across a range of formats, now in a simplified, more visual and easily understandable manner with increased user help at all stages.


Module Methodology

The module methodology has also been altered, meaning you can easily specify your paths and filters, optimize your product feeds and export to your selected channels with tailor-made templates just as before – yet now in less time, more intuitively and with less complexity.


Let’s take an example from setting up an export in both the current and old interfaces. In comparison to the old interface (below), WakeupData NEO (above) offers a simpler, more visual and easily navigable choice of options which simultaneously provides greater detail across the entire platform, allowing more informed decision making (see Shopalike image below).

 exporting old.png


- Intuitive usage and design

In a good feed management tool, the interface is simple and intuitive - with basic tutorial videos and user guides there if you need them.  If you first have to read a long manual or complete training, it's not the right tool.


User help

Our latest platform release also sees much more emphasis on the self-diagnosis of problems or questions which may arise, with far greater levels of information provided within the platform’s interface as well as (below).

wakeupdata support


This helps to improve the overall flow as you won't have to stop with your import, feed optimization or export, in order to look for information elsewhere.

WakeupData   How to add attributes to product titles-1


If you run into difficulty at any time, the new interface will give multiple options, such as accessing detailed help text, FAQs and informative film clips (above) running through features like imports, scheduling, merging and exporting.

help videos

Solid track record and ongoing development

There are so many things that you can do with a good tool, beyond simple importing and exporting. They should not only offer you a wide choice of options to improve your online sales, but should be  scalable enough to grow with your business.

  • Check out their track record first to see who else uses their feed management platform.
    KaufmannSilvanOMD and iProspect have implemented WakeupData's solutions to achieve remarkable improvements to their own, or their clients' online sales. They ensure that they sit down with every client or agency to hear their goals, missions and pain points.


Complete Flexibility and Functionality 


What else should a feed management tool provide? 
In short: freedom of choice.

It should be down to you making the call on how you want to import your feed, how you want to Optimize your product feed and how (and where) you want to export it. You feed tool should simply allow you to do all that without issue.

If you are interested in finding out more about the potential of our platform and seeing some of the myriad benefits it can bring to your business, you can sign up for a free demo below:

Request a demo 

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