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Data Feed Tool Comparison | What is the Right Choice for you in 2021?

Posted on September 20, 2018 (Last Updated: April 21, 2021)

What should you look for in a data feed management tool? How do you decide what will give you the best price and value for money?

We take a look at what factors to consider when selecting a tool, and how WakeupData squares off against our leading competitors. 

(Last Updated 12.05.20)


  • Does it allow me do everything that I want?

  • Are there extra features/tools which can improve performance? 


  • Can I afford it for my business?

  • What is included/excluded in the price I am quoted?


  • Is it easy to follow and understand?

  • Are there tutorials, help videos, FAQs and staff support to guide me ? 

How do the world's leading data feed management tools compare?

We looked at how much it would cost to set up a feed from scratch among the leading feed management tools while including some important aspects: 

For 20.000 products WakeupData DataFeedWatch Channable Productsup Feedonomics Lengow
Free setup  ✔
Data optimization using expressions  ✗
Multiple daily updates  ✔
Product filtering  ✔
Customer Success/ Account Management Program  ✗
Customer Support
Data history 10 days ✗  ✗   ✗ ✗ 
(before Add-ons)

€34 /

€129 / month N/A
Add-ons WakeupData DataFeedWatch Channable Productsup Feedonomics Lengow
Currency and weather data
✗   ✗  ✗ 
Recommendation data
✗  ✗   ✗  ✗ 
Data feed from scratch with a website crawl
Enrich your feed by merging extra website data
✗   ✗   ✗
Business intelligence integration
 ✗  ✗  ✗  ✗  ✗ 
Image Transformation  ✗  ✗  ✗  ✗
INTEGRATIONS WakeupData DataFeedWatch Channable Productsup Feedonomics Lengow
Prestashop  ✔  ✔
Bigcommerce  ✔  ✔
Shopify  ✔  ✔
Magento  ✔  ✔
Woocommerce  ✔  ✔
Smartweb ✗ 
Number of sales channels  Unlimited
(We can set up a tailored integration to the channel of
your choice)
 Unlimited  200  500  60  1800
Feed split testing 
(limited functionality)
(limited functionality)


What else is important in an ecommerce feed management tool?

The main factors influencing your decision should be flexibility, control over data and powerful solutions to solve common product feed issues.

We want to give everyone the ability to maximize their feed marketing efforts, in order to save time and effort while reducing their overall costs and increasing conversions. 

- Intuitive

In a good feed management tool, the interface is simple and intuitive - with basic tutorial videos there if you need them.  If you first have to read a long manual or complete training, it's not the right tool.


- Support & Advice

Does the tool offer a Customer Success team who are there to help you optimize your feeds with in-platform chat?

What about a thorough Knowledge Base with tutorials and help videos so you can get a helping hand without losing any time.  

knowledge base

- Solid track record and ongoing development

There are so many things that you can do with a good tool, beyond simple importing and exporting. They should not only offer you a wide choice of options to improve your online sales, but should be  scalable enough to grow with your business.

  • Check out their track record first to see who else uses their feed management platform.
    KaufmannSilvanOMD and iProspect have implemented WakeupData's solutions to achieve remarkable improvements to their own, or their clients' online sales. They ensure that they sit down with every client or agency to hear their goals, missions and pain points.

    Kaufmann case


Complete Flexibility and Functionality 

What else should a feed management tool provide? 
In short: freedom of choice.

Product-Feed-MarketingIt should be down to you making the call on how you want to import your feed, how you want to optimize and how (and where) you want to export it. You feed tool should simply allow you to do all that without issue.

Selecting WakeupData as your Data feed management tool means you can empower your e-commerce business by combining and merging any data set with your product data feed, so you can optimize it and send it on to any given price comparison portal, marketplace or affiliated marketing platforms; saving you time and resources.

Download our Product Feed Audit Guide or get your FREE evaluation below. 

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