Centra integration and Data Feed Management

Our integration to Centra will allow you to create seamless high converting e-commerce sales.


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Centra is a headless e-commerce platform that assists fashion and lifestyle businesses in entering new markets and gaining additional customers worldwide. Developing functionality that supports fashion and lifestyle business logic is a costly activity on most platforms. Centra's fashion focus is non-conventional, so their users may spend their efforts on expanding their worldwide fan following.

Sell to consumers and retailers



Modules for both Direct-to-Consumer and Digital Wholesale
Serve all countries with the right products, prices, campaigns and taxes
Sell through social media and track the impact of your influencers
Built-in lightweight PIM geared to handle complex lifestyle products
Use headless tech to mix content and shop into an on-brand experience

What product data attributes are important?

Title -is the element that apart from image and price is most important on most channels. Here it is very important to convey the core features of the item while being very brief.
Categorization - Placing products in product categories is designed to help potential customers navigate their way to your product and match relevant searches. This makes it vital that you select the correct category for your product. 
Product image -plays a vital role in the overall performance of your product. When time is limited and attention is short, it makes sense to create eye-catching product images. 

How to start using Centra Integration?

With WakeupData, you can save time and leverage product data from Centra to increase sales. It opens up a world of possibilities for businesses to further extend their omnichannel marketing and ignite revenues on advertising expenditure across numerous marketing channels.

You have two options when integrating with Centra:

  • General feed integration - entails obtaining data from a source, optimising it, and managing it on the WakeupData platform. As a result, you can distribute those product feeds to your target channels, such as Facebook or Google. This is the process of syndication or export.
  • Local Store data - Local Inventory Ads (LIA) feature allows you to display your products and store details to nearby Google searchers. When customers click on an ad featuring your local goods, they are directed to your local business. Shoppers use the local storefront to look for in-store inventory, store hours, and driving directions to your locations, among other things.

How can you integrate your product feed from Centra to WakeupData Connect?

Set up your Centra account.
Get your Centra key, country and currency code.

Import your data directly to Wakeup Data Connect.


Optimise your data and build feeds for all relevant channels.

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Additional Value (1)

What additional value do you get from integrating Centra with WakeupData feed module?

  • Create LIA feeds  - Local Inventory Ads
  • Get extensive conversion data 
  • All product data variants can be depicted
  • Simplify Management
  • Boost Productivity
  • Optimise Sales
  • Enhance Customer Experience 

You should try and ensure your product data is fully optimized, with engaging images, descriptions and titles containing all relevant attributes to attract shoppers. Get more info below on why WakeupData offers the right tools to do the task with ease. 

Why Use WakeupData?

feed template

Feed template with specs

Pre-made channel templates let you create a perfectly structured, channel-ready feed in a matter of minutes.
market api

Center API

Be safe in the knowledge that all your ecommerce campaigns will always be kept up-to-date with you most recent product information.
data mapping

Automated Data Mapping

Automatically integrate and map any product attribute to the relevant field with ease.
image editing

Image Editing Tool

Edit your images in bulk. Crop, resize, add and remove branding, logos and promotions to any product images from within the platform.
import competitor price-1

Import Competitor Pricing

Use our on-demand web crawler to create or enrich your own feed by retrieving product details or monitor competitors pricing strategies. 
edit rules

100+ data edit rules

Use our intuitive interface to update, cleanse and append your feed with over 100 predefined optimization possibilities. 

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Wakeupdata allows me, a person with no programming background, build the feed by myself from scratch and customize it as I go, which definitely has the potential to be a big time-saver.
Joni Helminen, Senior Specialist at OMD Finland

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